One of the common pitfalls of owning a home in Colorado is the potential damage that can be done to driveways during the winter. Not only from the frequent freeze – thaw cycles, but from de-icing salts. Many homeowners use deicing salts for obvious reasons. However, this can have a significant effect on the cream layer of the concrete surface that it’s applied to. Additionally, the magnesium chloride that municipalities use on the road surfaces is even worse. The deterioration shows itself by scaling, which is the failure of the cream layer of concrete. The driveway starts to flake and exposes the coarse aggregate in the concrete. Once this process starts, it is difficult to stop because now water has the ability to get under and when it freezes, causes the cream to pop even more.

Many home builders have started making the suggestion to their customers that they should seal their driveways. Keep in mind that sealing the driveway doesn’t necessarily prevent cracking – this is caused by the ground movement due to various factors, including expansive soils. However, using a sealing regimen will help prevent water penetration and deicing salt deterioration, still allow the concrete to breathe, and will not change the color of the concrete because it is a penetrating sealer.

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