With the cold months approaching, you may still be trying to soak up the hot summer rays. You’ve probably accomplished most of your outdoor projects for the year. Take advantage of the late summer or early fall months and have an epoxy floor installed in your garage! Trust me – when that first snow hits in October you will be so happy you did. You see, one of the many great benefits of having an epoxy floor in your garage in Colorado is the ease of keeping it clean.

Scenario: It’s cold and wet and you park a vehicle in your garage. Naturally, you walk into the house using the access door to and from the garage. Your vehicle now has a chance to get rid of the frozen snow and ice. It gets all over your floor. It’s very easy to track the dirt, mud, etc into the house in this way. Surely you don’t mop your garage floor? With an epoxy floor, you have that option – it’s so easy to keep clean. No need to worry about road grime and road chemicals soaking into the concrete – just wipe ’em clean with a squeegee or mop it.

What about utilizing your garage as additional living space? Or, do you work on projects in your garage? An epoxy floor is a must have if you do this sort of work.

Scenario: You want to turn on the space heater and watch the football game while spending some time in the garage. The epoxy floor is certainly an attractive and inviting feature to have. Or, you need to change the oil or work on a project? No need to worry about spills – the epoxy floor resists chemicals and doesn’t let oil or gasoline soak in, which causes stains on normal, unprotected concrete.

And, best of all: It’s more affordable than you think! Call Mile High Coatings today for a free estimate!