At first glance, you might think the floor is wet. On second thought, you may think you need a life jacket. Don’t worry – it’s just a metallic epoxy floor by Mile High Coatings that just looks like water. The Fish Crew, a brand-new aquarium store, is opening its doors soon and the epoxy floor coating is just one of the many awesome features of this place!

The unique thing about these floors is that they settle and move for up to 24 hours after they’re applied. It makes for a completely one-of-a-kind floor with lots of depth and variety. After the epoxy is dried, we applied a very durable clear coat to prevent scratching of the floor. It also makes maintenance a breeze! Just clean up with water – or mild soap and water. The many varieties of fish will surely feel right at home when they’re peering out of the tanks into the bright blue floor (the photos make the floor look much more grey than it actually is).

A bank occupied the space prior to The Fish Crew and there was tile and carpet that needed to be removed and disposed of. Mile High Coatings is a one-stop shop for flooring removal and disposal. The surface prep is the most important step in the process so we made sure it was done properly. There are some really unique options and colors for all of our applications!

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