Colorado kids are active! …and with that activity can come ball-bounce marks on the wall (which of course the cat is responsible for), finger prints, and scuffing. Even the cleanest adults will eventually see the accumulation marks and scuffing around door frames, light switches, thermostats and other high traffic areas. This leaves nearly everyone wondering how to remove them without damaging the paint.

Not all paints are equal. In many cases, repainting is the only effective way to restore the wall to an immaculate state.  When a wall has accumulated enough marks, it usually also has some scuffs, chips and faded areas, and the time and money spent on repainting it is well worthwhile. Mile High Coatings paints are less susceptible to wear, tear, fading, and chipping because we only use the highest quality paints both on the exterior and interior of your home.

Particularly when higher quality paints have been used, it becomes possible to clean the walls and restore them to their former beauty without removing the paint in the process. Below are a few easy methods for removing marks… but be sure to test them fist in a less visible place. Some lower quality paints just dissolve or discolor if you try to clean them.

  • Windex and Water: Use a microfiber cloth with a mixture of 1-2 cups of Windex in a bucket of warm water. Scrub very gently using a circular motion. Try to dry your wall quickly by dabbing.
  • Pencil Eraser: These are great for removing a variety of smaller scuffs and fingerprints from painted walls. Be gentle, and wipe with a cloth when done.
  • Baby Wipes: These are handy for breaking down the oils in your fingerprints, gently removing them from your painted wall.

If blobs of goo and scuffs are making your interior home paint job look bad, Mile High Coatings would love to revitalize your home. Our interior and exterior home painting services are professional, friendly and high-quality, and we guarantee you will love the results! Call us today to schedule your quote!