Many homeowners that need interior painting also require drywall patches or texture touch-ups prior to painting. Some are comfortable patching the drywall themselves or using a rattle can of texture for their repairs but want to hire a painting contractor to paint their walls, ceiling and trim. For others, it’s the other way around. There are a few ways to approach a repair. There are products that utilize a screen mesh to offer support. Another way is to cut out the piece and replace it with a piece of drywall and tape and mud it. After that is complete, the real skill comes when it’s time to re-texture the patch.

Mile High Coatings offers the versatility and employs skilled painters that can repair drywall holes and dings and get it ready for you to paint. Or, we can do the entire job. We’re happy to help any way that we can. Give us a shout and set up a time for a free estimate or phone consultation regarding your painting project and get it off of your to-do list!

Help! I need to patch my Drywall before Interior Painting