In 2012, I wrote: “Over the past few years, as the economy has struggled to recover, the painting industry has no doubt suffered. As large commercial painting contractors lay off their employees, those painters try to maintain some income by starting their own painting companies.” You have to be careful of these types of painters because they often carry no insurance have little to no business background and therefore often end up struggling. It’s quite a risk for a homeowner to employ these types of painters. The other thing we see is commercial painting companies from all over getting into the house painting market. Commercial painters are used to working with general contractors, who prefer absolute low-cost over quality, which ends up providing very little actual value to the homeowner. This means that commercial painters are used to cutting corners and using cheap materials. They are used to relying on contractors to review their work and create punch lists. They are also not accustomed to completing the most crucial step: surface preparation. This includes scraping, sanding, spackling, filling, caulking, and priming. As a result of all this, Fort Collins painters are forced to decrease their pricing. Initially, this may sound great if you’re a customer. But as with anything – you get what you pay for. It’s quite amazing what has happened in recent years. Raw materials prices have put pressure on paint and sundries costs, thereby increasing the prices paint contractors and consumers pay. All the while, the prices of interior and exterior house paint jobs have decreased. The same technology exists today as it did 10 years ago, so it can’t be due to efficiency gains.”

We have a new president now, who is certainly shaking things up and while the economy has exhibited strong growth, there is some uncertainty as to how his policies will affect local and regional economies. The last several years in Northern Colorado has been very strong for many industries, including, specifically, the painting and coatings industry. It’s funny how the dynamic changes within the industry. As demand for painting services has increased, we see growth in the spirit of entrepreneurship. This means that painters that have a bit of experience assume they can run their own business and work for themselves. That can be a great thing or a terrible idea, for both the painter and the homeowner. As the homeowner, just make sure you trust whoever it is that you’re hiring. And – DON’T pay for the job up front…I’ve heard many horror stories. If you’re painter needs more than, say, 25% down, I’d exercise caution. (We don’t require a deposit).

As a reputable painter that serves Northern Colorado, Mile High Coatings wants to educate our clients and let them know that we stand by our work and the products we use. We don’t use shortcuts, we don’t use cheap materials, and we pay our painters fair wages for the quality work they perform. The expert attention to preparation and the care that is taken reflects the values we have as a painting contractor.

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