What is Chalking Paint?

Chalking paint occurs on the exterior of your home. It is, quite literally, a chalky residue on left on the siding and sometimes trim of your house. A simple way to test if your paint is chalking is to simply wipe your hand or use a rag across the siding and look at the residue. This results from years of ultraviolet light breaking down the resins or binders in the paint. Once this happens, essentially all that is left on the house is the pigment, or color. As a painter in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Denver, Westminster Broomfield, Longmont and everywhere else along the Front Range, chalking paint is a common occurrence.

House painting is a necessary maintenance item if you are a homeowner. Hopefully you haven’t let your home get to the point where the paint is chalking. Extra steps need to be taken to remove the chalky residue. It’s essentially like painting over a dirty house, in which case the new paint will not properly adhere. We recommend pressure washing and using a mild soap or TSP solution. If necessary, scrubbing may be the only solution. There will always be at least a light residue, but taking these initial cleaning steps will ensure a long-lasting paint job. Next, Mile High Coatings would recommend a full prime coat. From there, the top coat can be applied.

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