Basement Floor Coatings Help Preserve Your House’s Foundation

Cracks in a basement floor or crawl space wall can allow water into your home. As these cracks grow, the water in them freezes in the winter, expands, and makes the crack worse. This increases damage to your foundation and the cycle continues with each freeze/thaw cycle. A professional epoxy coating on your basement floor can help preserve the integrity of your foundation. Moreover, maintaining and cleaning an epoxy floor is a snap! Epoxy is attractive, and a professional application will result in a glossy finish while providing excellent protection for the entire surface. Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals and heat; it serves as an effective filler for small cracks or gaps on the concrete and can smooth out uneven and rough surfaces. Epoxy floors also increase the lighting dynamics of an area because they can be highly reflective. This can give homeowners many more options in using subtle but complete lighting in their basements.

One of the major health benefits of an epoxy coating is that it hardly requires any maintenance. It is very easy to clean because a mere mopping or sweeping of the area can take out the dirt completely. Coupled with it’s concrete crack sealing power, it prevents the accumulation and growth of fungi and molds, thereby warding off these organisms from causing potential health conditions.

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Basement Ceiling and Wall Painting

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