If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re thinking about having your house or business painted sometime in the next year. There are certainly a number of things to consider when it comes to hiring the right contractor:

  • how long they’ve been in business,
  • their reputation,
  • what kind of paint they use,
  • what is their process,

Once you figure out which contractors you’d like to provide estimates to, you may find out that some companies are very similar to each other and some are very different or set themselves apart. For some, painting the house may just be a standard maintenance requirement that is supposed to be done every 10 years. For others, they may not like their color scheme or painting is part of a home remodel project. Whatever your reason is, we at Mile High Coatings want you to feel comfortable with us and know that we act with integrity and will do a great job painting at a reasonable and fair price.If the company representatives are professional during the consultation or during the project, they will probably be professional if you have questions, concerns or if problems arise. Because in reality, even the best planned project can have it’s hiccups. This is where professionalism matters. Our goal is to earn your business on the next painting project. And your friend’s project. And your co-worker’s project.

​Give us an opportunity to provide a free, no-obligation painting estimate. We’d love to meet you!


Professionalism Matters When It Comes To Painting