Garage Storage Systems & Floor Coatings

Many homeowners think that buying a DIY epoxy garage kit from the hardware store is going to yield satisfactory results. Our customer’s feedback often tells us that these floors do not last very long and end up looking worse than if they had left it. There are too many reasons to list as to why they don’t last.

Let Mile High Coatings install an industrial-grade floor coating system that will be maintenance-free and that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years.

​Wall Mounted Cabinets

Our off-the-floor cabinet mounting makes cleaning easy and protects your cabinets from water, debris, and pests. Our professional installers will make sure the cabinets are properly secured so that you can enjoy them worry-free! There is a manufacturer Lifetime Warranty on all storage solutions!

The competition uses kick plates and support legs to hide their floor mounting system and that can lead to insect nesting or water damage and cause the cabinet to weaken over time.

Durable Shelves

We use one-inch thick thermo-fused shelves with a load bearing capacity of 100 pounds. Our shelves are stain resistant and will not bow or crack.

Quality Construction

Our 3/4″ commercial grade cabinet construction will not chip, warp, flake, or disintegrate. We guarantee it for life. Period.

We use high-quality soft-close door hinges, 110 degree hinges for easy access and have many options for hardware.

Full Customization

Our garage designer can create a 3D rendering of your cabinets so you can see what they’ll look like in your garage before you order!

The size of your garage storage system depends on your needs. The cabinet depth, height and width are tailored to fit your space along with several cabinet finish options.

Worried about not having enough room to open a cabinet door with a vehicle parked inside? Sliding doors might be the perfect solution for you!

Fort Collins Garage flooring systems enhance the look of any garage while increasing the value of the home. View our new garage floor coating solutions & Storage Solutions today.

Other Finish Options

Mile High Coatings is the only Northern Colorado company that can offer full garage finishing services in-house! We have the equipment, expertise and experience to turn your boring garage into one that you can be proud to show your friends and neighbors!

Many customers choose to have us finish their walls and ceilings in their garages, to varying degrees. It could be as simple as a repaint or we can install drywall and texture, prime and paint.

Cove base or a baseboard is a popular option for many homeowners who really want a finished look in their garage. We can install a baseboard of whatever size you wish and can coat it as part of the floor or paint it.

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