Basement Flooring Systems and Floor Coating Solutions

For basement floor coatings and basement flooring systems, stained concrete is growing in popularity. There are several reasons, including:

  • Cost effective – compared to tile, hardwood, and most carpet and laminates, stained concrete is less expensive.
  • Low to no maintenance: Any flooring is ultimately going to require maintenance. Depending on which stained concrete solution you choose, and how much use you expect, your floor could be practically maintenance-free. Regular damp-mop cleaning is typically enough. Some homeowners choose to wax their floor with a mop-on wax and that is totally fine. It provides even more protection as well as an easy way to maintain if you expect heavy use.
  • Versatile, Simple & Unique – a stained floor is found in any type of room in the home. Since it is sealed, it can serve as the floor for a bathroom, wet bar, recreation room or bedroom. With the different options available, your floor can be a matte or low sheen or it can have a rich, glossy finish. Often, one color produces enough variation, but we often suggest mottling two colors to create more interest. Due to the natural variation in concrete, no two stained concrete floors are alike!
  • Improve indoor air quality – Since there isn’t padding or anything else to capture dirt or allergens, the indoor air quality can be improved with the installation of stained concrete. While the initial installation is smelly, it goes away within a day or two with proper ventilation.
  • Durable – Staining concrete and sealing it with a high-performance sealer will ensure that you have a durable and long-lasting floor. The nice thing is, if it gets scratched, it can be pretty easily touched-up!

Mile High Coatings can give you a totally unique, custom look to your concrete through concrete acid stain. This process involves using a mild acid with color to induce a chemical reaction in your concrete that results in magnificent permanently colored concrete. The possibilities are endless! With this application, we generally use an acrylic sealer to protect the color. The upside to an acid stain can also be a potential downside. A few things can affect (or prevent) the saturation and chemical reaction of the acid stain. The installers lack control of the saturation and variation and this is part of the unique and inherent “risk” with an acid stain. You don’t know how it’s going to look until it’s neutralized and cleaned up. Of course, we’ll always try to perform samples or mock-ups when possible to minimize the risk. We can review the pros and cons during the estimate.

Unless you have had plenty of experience with acid concrete stain and concrete floor stain don’t try this at home. Concrete floor acid stain is just that…acid. Not only is it a chemical but it is very hard to use and apply to get a desired special colored effect. Concrete floor acid stain application is an art. Mile High Coatings has the experience to safely apply a wide variety of custom concrete effects with minimal environmental impact.

Our Dye and Seal application is very popular because we are able to utilize our super high-performance polyaspartic clear coat that provides a long-lasting solution. It closely resembles an acid stain and is a bit more predictable when it comes to the color saturation and variation.

Examples of our Basement Flooring Systems

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