Loveland Residents Are Choosing Mile High Coatings

As Northern Colorado’s top specialty coatings installer, we are much more than Loveland residential and commercial painters. Although we excel both interior and exterior painting services, our cost-effective variety of options help Loveland residents add affordable class to the inside and outside of their homes. We have a passion for offering the best combination of customer service, quality materials, and industry expertise that you will find In Loveland, Berthoud, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, and beyond. Allow us to highlight the breadth of our services here at Mile High Coatings:

Loveland’s Top Choice For Residential Painting

Mile High Coatings has a variety of services, but our bread and butter has always been our ability to affordably provide excellent exterior and interior home painting services. If you are looking for stain and lacquer for interior wood finishes, prompt and accurate scheduling, detailed painting specification and estimation, and a 10-year warranty for exterior painting, it’s time to consider Mile High Coatings as your residential painting contractor.

Loveland Commercial Painting Services

If you are in need of a commercial painter, we have experience and understanding in painting the exteriors and interiors of businesses like doctor’s offices, hospitals, and many kinds of retail spaces. We specialize in combining our own industry know-how with your vision and desires. We love teaming up with our clients to allow their vision to shine through. We also offer industrial painting services as well, so no matter the size or type of your need, we got you covered!

Concrete Staining

As one of our many service options, Mile High Coatings also offers the Loveland community our expertise in concrete staining, among our basement and garage flooring options. We use our concrete diamond grinder to get the floor smooth and clean, next we apply the concrete stain, and then seal the deal with our top-quality SHP Polyaspartic clear coat to combine durability, performance, and beauty. If you are looking for a more unique, colored basement flooring option, our concrete acid staining represents a cost-effective, stunning look. Don’t try to acid stain your concrete floor on your own though, it can be a risky business, so leave it to the stained concrete professionals!

Epoxy Garage Floors

Loveland, just like the rest of Northern Colorado, is choosing Mile High Coatings for their residential garage flooring and commercial garage flooring options. Among these options is our epoxy flooring, which is a cutting-edge flooring option that affords a spectacular shine, while being more durable than almost any other type of garage flooring. We also offer other options, such as our quartz aggregate or a mica flake floor. Both are enhancements on the epoxy option because they provide an additional polyaspartic clear layer which aids in the lifespan of the garage floor coating.

Super High Performance Polyaspartic

This is a level-up from epoxy garage floors because of its superior gloss retention, resistance to chemicals, higher abrasion resistance, an increase of adhesion to concrete, and a quick return to service functionality. Most notably, our standard three-coat SHP Polyaspartic system comes with a Lifetime Warranty for residential floors, which includes the color flake or chip system. Keep in mind we also provide commercial and industrial polyaspartic floor coatings with their own customization options. We love to use our experience in consulting, so reach out to us today with any coating questions you may have!

Storage Solutions

We are proud to be Loveland’s number one option for basement storage solutions, garage storage ideas and organization systems, as well as closet storage solutions and ideas. If you are in need of more space, we have the creativity and cost-effective services to keep you from having to blow that wall out in order to have more space in your home. We can add cabinets, tire racks, drawers, or even jewelry organizers for any room or structure. We offer full multiple finish options, full customization, and quality materials used no matter the type of storage expansion project you have in mind.

Loveland’s Patio and Walkway Solutions 

Find yourself in Loveland and in need of quality deck coating or patio staining? We can do that, and so much more at Mile High Coatings. Among the “more” is concrete coatings for your walkway or patio, which include our epoxy and polyaspartic coating options. We even offer walkway and flooring solutions for commercial properties as well, so call your Loveland coatings installers today for affordable and beautiful patio and walkway options!

Painters Near Me

Perhaps you found this page not by searching for Loveland home painters, but by typing into your smartphone something like “painters near me” or “residential painters in my area”. Whether you did or didn’t, the fact remains that Mile High Coating represents exceptional value when it comes to the quality of materials used, our dedication to excellence, and our affordable pricing. If you are looking for a local painting company that can handle storage solutions and any kind of coating job, reach out to us at Mile High Coatings today for your free estimate!