Fort Collins Painters

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting our home looking great. David and the painters worked hard to make sure that our house was properly prepped before the painting began. During the first day, some rotted boards were identified. We came to an agreement about replacing them and they did a great job! David was very patient when it came to us picking colors and we couldn’t have done it without his guidance. Thanks to David and Mile High Coatings, we have had several positive comments about our home and we couldn’t be happier. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone!” Tim B. – Fort Collins

At Mile High Coatings, we say that you should “dream outside the box” because we want you reimagine what your home could be. Many people think they have to move to a new neighborhood, drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow out a wall, or do something else outside of your financial means to make a substantial impact in the look and feel of your home. At Mile High Coatings, we believe turning a house into your dream home doesn’t mean you have to take out a small loan. In fact, affordable coating solutions on your home’s exterior, interior, garage, basement, are possible with Mile High Coatings and our expert staff.

We are happy to call Fort Collins our home base of all operation, although we do service much of Northern Colorado, from Greeley to Denver and in between. But being locally owned and operated means we are in touch with our community and love to provide high-quality, affordable residential and commercial painting services. In addition to painting, we are also proud to offer garage floor epoxy flooring, storage solutions for your shed, garage, closet, or basement, stained concrete services, as well as a range of other unique services.

Fort Collins Residential Interior And Exterior Painting

Known as Fort Collins’ top residential painting contractors, Mile High Coatings offers home painting services for both the exterior and interior of homes. When you go with Mile High Coatings, you have the ability to choose from stain and lacquer for interior wood finishes, along with traditional home services. Other aspects of our home painting service include free color consultation, experienced job management, the use of high-grade materials, and expertise in terms of workmanship and attention to detail.

Fort Collins Commercial Painting

In addition to being residential painting experts, we are also the top Fort Collins commercial painters in the area. If you are looking for a commercial painting contractor needing to find a reliable service team to paint your office, retail space, or even industrial building, no job is too small or big to inquire about. We pride ourselves in bringing the customer’s vision to life in style, color, and overall atmosphere of the space you are trying to create. Whether you are looking for an industrial painting contractor or a commercial one, we are Northern Colorado’s choice for good reason.

Fort Collins Concrete Staining

As mentioned above, we are much more than a typical paint contractor. One of our areas of expertise happens to be in concrete staining. Among our garage and basement flooring options, we consistently hear great things about the quality of our concrete staining services in Fort Collins. Here is how the process goes, generally speaking. First, we use our concrete diamond grinder to smooth out the floor and make it ready for the next step, which is to apply the concrete stain. Then we will utilize our high-quality SHP Polyaspartic clear coat, which combines performance with long-term durability.

Keep in mind that we also have the option of a colored, more distinct looking basement flooring choice, which is our concrete acid staining. Concrete acid stain is more cost-effective, and is a fantastic way to put a unique spin on a room that needs it. Leave the acid staining to the stain concrete company pros though, as it can be a risky business. Seriously, don’t try it.

Fort Collins Epoxy Floors

Fort Collins chooses Mile High Coatings for residential and commercial garage flooring options because of our trusted track-record of customer satisfaction, our straightforward, friendly approach, and affordable pricing options. Among these garage floor finishes is what some call “garage floor epoxy” or “epoxy garage floor”. While their phrasing isn’t great (we much prefer the straightforward “epoxy flooring”. Whatever you choose to call it, just know that we offer the best flooring for basement around.  

Epoxy flooring is one of the most cutting-edge flooring options because of its unreal shine coupled with its long-lasting performance. Epoxy coatings are flat-out more durable than pretty much any other option in this price range.

Super High Performance Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

We also offer other flooring options, like our quartz aggregate and mica flake floor. These improve upon the epoxy option in that they offer a layer of polyaspartic clear coating, which also improves the lifespan of your garage floor coating. Other benefits to polyaspartic flooring is that it offers a better resistance to chemicals, a higher abrasion resistance, it adheres to concrete more effectively, and has a superior gloss retention when compared to other options.

Our three coat SHP Polyaspartic system also comes with a Lifetime Warranty for residential floors, which means that even if your color flake or chip system wears away, we will replace or restore it, no issue. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss which flooring choice is best for you and your needs.

Fort Collins Storage Solutions

So you perhaps could have guessed that we do floor coatings (it’s in our name, after all) as well as painting. But what may surprise you is that we are also storage solution experts. Whether you are looking to get creative in basement storage, your closet, or are looking into garage storage systems, we know what we are doing when it comes to consolidating space. We add cabinets to garages, tire racks in basements, and other outside-the-box solutions which will keep you from having to build a shed in the backyard, or heaven forbid, blow out a wall just so you can keep all the kid’s bikes under your roof. No matter what kind of storage solution you are looking for, we can customize a working option for you.

Fort Collins Patio Staining And Deck Coating

We provide deck coating and patio staining services in addition to our concrete coating solution for your walkway or patio. This adds weather-resistant durability to your walkway, as you can choose from our epoxy and polyaspartic coating choices. If you are looking into commercial coating services, we can do the same thing for your business’ walkway. Residential or commercial, we would love to speak with you about what you have in mind.

Painters Near Me

At the end of the day, more and more people like Tim B. of Fort Collins are choosing Mile High Coatings for all of their epoxy flooring, storage solution-providing, residential and commercial painting needs. With our blend of affordable pricing, quality materials, and a true passion for helping our community that we are so proud to be a part of, we think getting a free quote from Mile High Coatings makes a whole lot of sense. Sure, we are biased, but what do you have to lose? So instead of searching for “painters in my area” or “painters near me”, just give the standard setters of Northern Colorado a call! Start dreaming outside the box!