Concrete Stain, Dye and Seal

This application is ideal for basements and commercial spaces. We prepare the concrete surface using our concrete diamond grinder and get the floor smooth and clean. Then we apply the dye/stain (term used interchangeably) and seal it with our SHP Polyaspartic clear coat. The benefit to this is that you get the aesthetic beauty and appearance of an acid stained floor with the performance of an industrial-grade coating. Only in special cases do we use a lower-performing sealer.

For outdoor patios and walkways, we can add traction additive to our clear coat to ensure a non-slip surface. This allows you to have a beautiful stained concrete area with the durability of the SHP Polyaspartic.

Crack repairs, spalling (pits, divots, holes, etc) repairs or other patching can be completed. However, sometimes leaving the flaws alone will often add to the character of your stained concrete floor.

Removal of existing coatings, sealers, carpet glue or mastic is generally not a problem. Our professional equipment and experience will make sure that the concrete is suitable and clean before we apply any stain and/or sealers.

Concrete Acid Staining

Mile High Coatings can give you a totally unique, custom look to your concrete through concrete acid stain. This process involves using a mild acid with color to induce a chemical reaction in your concrete that results in magnificent permanently colored concrete. The possibilities are endless!

Unless you have had plenty of experience with acid concrete stain and concrete floor stain don’t try this at home. Concrete floor acid stain is just that…acid. Not only is it a chemical but it is very hard to use and apply to get a desired special colored effect. Concrete floor acid stain application is an art. Mile High Coatings has the experience to safely apply a wide variety of custom concrete effects with minimal environmental impact. Call us today to arrange your FREE quote!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This unique, marble-looking floor coating is not a concrete stain but it’s not your typical epoxy floor, either. This application involves thorough diamond grind preparation, a prime coat and a thick application of a metallic epoxy coating that will settle, flow and move to it’s own pattern. These floors definitely inspire the WOW response among customers!

An optional, recommended clear coat can be applied on top to help the epoxy keep it’s shine and appearance.

These floors can even be installed on wood substrates such as the subfloor in your home. Because of the thickness, it can act like a insulator and it reduces and practically eliminates radon passage in the floor. Additionally, this is a very low odor and potentially Zero-VOC application.

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