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Mile High Coatings has the commercial painting solution for any size commercial, industrial and institutional project. From a single retail store to a large commercial complex, warehouses, water towers, churches or gymnasiums.

Painting a commercial and institutional building must serve two purposes: protect the building from weathering and decay; and look great. Commercial painting varies a great deal from other types of painting. While it’s relatively easy for homeowners to vacate a residential property for a few days if needed, it’s extremely difficult for business enterprises to allow that same level of access to a work crew.

At Mile High Coatings, working with your business schedule is absolutely no problem. We’re commercial building painting specialists and have a great deal of experience painting all types of commercial buildings and infrastructure in Colorado. Whether you need interior painting for an office, or a complete exterior paint job for a condominium or hotel project, our commercial building painting pros have the expert product knowledge and application know-how to ensure a job done right.

Mile High Coatings specializes in the application of protective coatings that are extremely resistant to the elements and can endure high traffic, yet still provide an aesthetically pleasing look. We specialize in painting and applying various types of coatings, from tough epoxies in high wear areas to resilient, long lasting paints. Our ability to assess problems, manage surface preparation, and apply suitable coatings on time and on budget is what it takes to satisfy the needs of our diversified customer base.

Retail spaces, doctors’ offices, laboratories, hospitals, in fact most commercial and institutional facilities require a high level of awareness of the environment and how people use it. In our clients’ specifications, color, light, and detail all play important parts in creating a compelling ambiance for customers, visitors or clientele or a pleasant, productive working environment. In our experience, expertly designing and painting these spaces flawlessly is both an art and a science requiring the utmost attention to detail. You’ll find Mile High Coatings a great contributing partner when you need to create an environment that feels as good as it looks. We are dedicated to making you and your company look great!

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