What Kind Of Company Is Mile High Coatings?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are people wondering…”what is exactly is Mile High Coatings? It seems like they do a lot, but are they any good?”

When I first started Mile High Coatings in 2008, we were a house painting company based in Fort Collins. I knocked on doors and handed out fliers and got the door slammed in my face more than a few times. One customer at a time, we capitalized on each successful project and grew.

Mile High Coatings in Fort CollinsWithin a year or so of starting the business, MHC started doing floor coatings (i.e. epoxy floors in garages and stained concrete on patios). We started in this area because the economy was suffering, I was hungry (figuratively speaking and almost literally), there were a lot of fly-by-night painters who were also hungry, and I knew there was more to the industry than just house paint.

Doing garage floor “painting” was a natural extension of house painting. Turns out we got really good at doing garage floors and concrete staining. Slowly but surely our reputation for awesome garage floors and concrete staining and we became the go-to company for these services.

After we settled in with concrete coatings, I started paying attention to the increasing number of customer inquiries surrounding garage storage and cabinets. Of course, we were already in the garage…so why not? For many years, I ignored this and finally the requests came in with enough regularity that I started researching the best storage companies and manufacturers. I found one that seemed to set itself apart from the rest (Organizer’s Direct) and I along with my project manager went to Arizona and spent a week installing and designing cabinets and custom closets – we learned a ton! We’ve gotten some experience under our belts and are growing this area of our service offering now, too!

So, for those of you wondering, “what the heck is Mile High Coatings?”…now you know! We do a few things and do them all very well. We’re certainly not trying to be the jack-of-all trades. As the owner, I am committed to the focused growth, attention to detail and serving customers with the best products, quality and value. Give us a call to see how we can help you on your next project – whether it’s painting your house, coating your garage floor, or getting yourself more organized with a custom closet or cabinets.

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