The Best Paint Finish For Your Home

When you decide to paint your home, you’re usually more concentrated on the color that you want to use throughout your home. After peeling through every swatch and getting into arguments over what would look best with your significant other, you have decided on a color that you really enjoy. However, before you put away those swatches and allow our residential painting company to do our job, it’s vital that you decide on the finish for your walls. A paint finish comes in many different types, but what each one does offer is an easy concealment, maintenance, and durability in your home. If you’re not sure what type of finish you’d like for your house, then take the time to contact our residential painting experts at Mile High Coatings.

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Different Types Of Finish

A paint finish is what makes the color on your walls look fantastic. Each type of finish can do something different for your home. There’s a different shine and the light will reflect off the walls differently. It’s important that you choose a finish that’s best suited for your home based on your lifestyle. For instance, if you had an area of your home that’s more high traffic repainted, then you’ll want to choose a finish that’s best for that type of environment. The same can be said for homes with young children. In addition, finishes will give your walls a sparkling appearance. To help you know the different types of finishes, we put together a few that would be beneficial for any type of home throughout the Front Range area.


Do you want a finish that requires easy maintenance? Do you want something for high traffic areas throughout your home? If you recently redid the hallway or the entryway in your house, then eggshell is the perfect finish to choose for that area. Eggshell finishes are best for high traffic areas because it’s long lasting as well as attractive. Eggshell is also a practical choice because it’s so easy to maintain. If fingerprints end up on the walls or your children get a little rambunctious in the hallway, then all you need is a damp cloth to wash away the damage.


Similar to eggshell, satin is another great choice for high traffic areas. Satin is easy to maintain and it’s easy to rid the walls of any damage when you use a damp cloth. This attractive option is long lasting and practical. Satin is also very easily washable. If you’re trying to decide between satin and eggshell because they are so similar, then take into consideration that satin is much more reflective than eggshell. However, both options are easy to maintain and it has the shine you want to make sure that it looks aesthetically pleasing.


If you want to lean more toward a finish that’s concealing, then flat is your best option. This concealing finish is a matte paint and is best in areas of your home that aren’t high traffic areas. For example, flat is best for bedrooms, closets, dining rooms, and even the living room if you don’t do a lot of entertaining in there. Flat also absorbs light and helps to conceal any imperfections on your walls. Flat paint is also great for ceilings to hide any irregularities and lap marks that may exist. Keep in mind that when you decide on a flat finish that not everyone is equal, so it’s vital that you consult a professional to ensure that the one you choose isn’t going to become yellow over time.


Semi-gloss is a finish that is bright, shiny, and a great source of light. If you want a cleaner look to your home, then the semi-gloss is the right option to go with. You can use it along the trim as well of the rooms in your home to offset the beauty of each room. Semi-gloss is durable and easy to clean as well. Additionally, It will make your home much shinier and sparkle in comparison to some other finishes on our list.


Gloss is a great way to highlight your home. The gloss option has the highest level of durability and shine, so it’s a great choice for the trim on doors as well as other areas of your home that need some pop. Gloss is made to offer some durability and shine to make the different rooms in your home much more aesthetically appealing.

When you work with Mile High Coatings, we’ll help you choose the paint finish that’s best for your home.

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