Painting Your House When You Want To Sell

While Denver has been a hotspot for homes that are on the market, it can take some time for you to get an offer that you really want. There are several real estate tricks that you can use to get people interested in your home, but one trick that not a lot of people know about is painting the interior of your home a different color. Residential painting can be one of the most inexpensive ways that you can liven up your house and make it much more marketable as well as desirable to a family who is looking for the perfect home. If your house seems to be getting mediocre offers on it, then hiring a residential painting company can be a surefire way to get a down payment for the house.

Mile High Coatings is a residential painting company that helps you dream outside the box. As a Top Rated Local® Commercial And Residential Coating Solutions company, we strive to offer as many services to make your home pristine and perfect. If you live in the Denver area, then our respectful and talented staff can come to your home in a timely fashion to get the residential painting job completed or concrete staining or epoxy flooring finished. Whatever you want finished on your house, Mile High Coatings is the company to get the job done efficiently and flawlessly. If you’re interested in touching up your home with some new colors, then contact our residential painting company.

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Exterior Home Painting For Selling Your Home

If you’re looking for that perfect color to really offset your home, then we have good news for you. You can find all of the colors for each room that really draws in potential buyers. If you’re looking for that perfect offer, then you’ll want to include these shades in these rooms.

Painting The Bathroom

The bathroom is a room that you can add a light blue shade to. The light blue coloring can add a lot to a bathroom because it’ll add a soothing atmosphere. The color blue is associated with calm, confidence, loyalty, and stability. Even though this is the bathroom, it’s a place that you get ready in every day. You might get ready in the bathroom or give yourself a pep talk before the day starts. If potential buyers can step into your bathroom and feel soothed by the light blue hues, then they’ll be much more likely to purchase the home, especially if they can see themselves enjoying everything the bathroom has to offer.

Painting Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another place where blue would look exceptional. Blue accents in your kitchen will liven and brighten the kitchen up. As we mentioned above, the color blue is a trusting, loyal tone. The blue accents in your kitchen will be warming to any guests or your family members when you sit down to have a meal at the kitchen table or the island. You spend a majority of your time in the kitchen preparing meals, making a cup of coffee before work, or making a snack for your kids after school. The kitchen is one of the high traffic places of the house, so why not make it welcoming for potential buyers to envision themselves preparing dinner or getting ready for the day in a delightfully inviting kitchen.

Painting The Living Room

A tone that a lot of people are really relating to is brown. To be more specific, we’re talking about light beige, oatmeal, and pale taupe in the living room. These neutral tones offer a versatility in the living room. A brown tone can add a more attractive feature to the home because of the lighter shading. Whether your living room has a lot of windows or just a few, the lighter shades will add more depth to the room. The living room is one of the most popular areas in the house to be in, so showing your potential buyers what they could have with these light tones will make it much more desirable of a buy.

Painting The Dining Room

The dining room is a place where dinner parties, meals, and other forms of entertainment occur, so why not have an attractive painted look in the room. A slate blue or a pale gray blue with some white shiplap will add a lovely atmosphere to the room. The light blue hues or the gray will add more depth and stability to the dining room. When potential buyers see the refreshed blues or the gray, they’ll be able to imagine having their meals in this versatile room.

Painting The Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place that should be soothing, warm, and comforting. With calming shades of blue, your possible buyers can see themselves sleeping in such a room that allows them to unwind after a long day at work. If you’re not a fan of blue, then you can add just a hint of cerulean to your bedroom in the paint to really entice those possible buyers into realizing your home is perfect.

Are you ready to get your home sold? If so, then let’s get started!

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