Is It Time To Repaint Your Home?

Whether you’re looking to sell your Denver home or you want a new look for your residence, our residential painting services can offer you something a little extra for your house. At Mile High Coatings, we offer an array of services that can make your home look better and raise the value of it. However, how do you know if you need your home touched up? What are the signs that you should be aware of if your home needs to be repainted? What should you look out for on the exterior of your home? If you are thinking of residential painting, then we are here to help you dream outside the box and visualize what your home could look like when you take advantage of an expert painting solution.

Signs That It Is Time To Repaint Your Home

For some time, you’ve been staring at an area on the outside of your home where the paint is chipping off. You feel compelled to have it touched up, but you’re not sure if you should hire a residential painting service because wouldn’t it be easier to do it yourself if it’s one little area?

While doing it yourself might seem like the less costly option, when you decide on a trusted painting company, you can expect that we complete the job correctly and in a timely manner as well as stay within your budget. As a reliable business that caters to Denver and the surrounding areas, we provide exterior and interior painting services as well as other services that focus on staining, coating, and epoxy flooring. Take the time to look out for these signs, to ensure your home looks amazing no matter the time of the year.

Peeling Paint

The first sign you should look out for on the exterior of your house is if there is peeling paint. This might seem like an obvious sign that you need to look out for, but it’s one that is easily missed. If you see cracking, chipping, or peeling on your house, even if it’s just the tiniest bit, it’s time to hire a residential painting service. The reason that your paint might be cracking is because there’s moisture that’s getting beneath the paint and slowly causing it to be damaged. In addition, the moisture can cause mold and harm to the structure over time.

The Trim Is Beginning To Decay

If the trim on your house is decaying, then it’s time that your house is repainted. Keep in mind that the region around your doors and windows will be more damaged over time because of being used more frequently. The outside of your doors and the windows will have decay that occurs over time, which lowers the value of your home and creates damage due to the elements. Paint can be the first line of defense to protect your home, which is why it’s so vital that you have a residential painting service for hire instead of doing it yourself.

The Color Is Beginning To Fade

Another sign that it’s time to clean your house is that the color of your home is fading. Yes, the color of the paint on the outside of your home can begin to fade if it has been damaged by the sun. Fading color occurs because of sun damage. While there’s not much you can do to protect your home from sun damage, you can choose the right type of paint to ensure that it’s strong enough to keep from fading. As we mentioned above, paint is the first line of defense in keeping your home safe from the elements. By using paint that is protective, you’ll notice your home has the right layer of preservation to keep it from becoming damaged by the sun. If you want to ensure that you’re picking out the right type of protective paint, then make sure to talk to an expert from Mile High Coatings.

The Paint Job Is Over 5 Years Old

Our last sign that you need a new coat of paint on your house is the age of your home. Frequently, things that need to be replaced or repainted all come down to the age of the item, and a house is no different. If your home is over five years and it hasn’t been painted for over five years, then it’s time to have it touched up. If your home is newer, then it’s probably only had one layer of paint applied. Once it’s been five years, it’s time that you add a protective layer of paint and keep it well maintained. Stick to the five year rule and your home will always look pristine and new.

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