New Elastomeric Paint Product Holds Promise

A new elastomeric primer that has the ability to contract and expand along with wood windows offers hope. As a painting contractor in the sometimes “extreme” climate changes of Colorado, we are always looking for ways to improve our level of service and quality. I believe that this product moves us ahead of the competition.
There are several reasons that wood windows, especially the sills, have such a difficult time holding even the highest quality paints and primers.


One main reason is that wood is just, well, wood. It wasn’t manufactured to hold paint like your siding or other fiberboard building materials. The glues and chemicals in composite materials offer better water resistance and do not contract and expand as much as normal, untreated wood.


Another reason that sills are troublesome is that moisture is allowed to sit on them, which magnifies the heat/cool cycle thus increasing the amount of contraction and expansion of the wood. Another cause is the ease of which moisture penetrates into the smallest cracks of wood, especially around the end grain. When water gets into these areas and freezes, the wood can split – causing tension on the paint coating which then breaks down faster. When heat comes into the picture, the moisture wants to leave and will try to evaporate through the paint coating. This leads to peeling.

To combat this entire problem, Mile High Coatings thoroughly preps the window and seals it completely. A few coats of the elastomeric primer is required to build a slight thickness. This enhances the performance of the product. A topcoat (acrylic paint) is then applied. To apply, we brush the primer and paint on the windows. We typically paint the body of the house using an airless sprayer, which is the industry standard. Our value and service makes us a top painter in Fort Collins. We also paint in Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. We paint houses in Denver, Broomfield, Westminster and Longmont, too.

With this product, we will guarantee your windows for five years. Try finding another painter that will guarantee a horizontal surface for even one or two years. Mention this article and receive a discount off your painting surfaces.

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