Add Value To Your Home With These Popular Colors

Colors, colors, and more colors! Are you thinking about increasing the value of your home by painting it a different color? Our residential painting services are just the ticket that you need to raise the value of your home. By painting the outside of your house a more reviving color, or one that’s richer, you’ll increase the value of your home as well as make it look better. Whether or not you’re selling your home, residential painting services for the exterior of it will pull the aesthetic more together and make it look welcoming and warm.

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Paint Colors That Add Value To Your Home

The color of your home matters. It raises the value and adds to the curb appeal. In Affordable Methods To Improve Curb Appeal For Your Home, we discussed how you can add a little something extra to your home in an inexpensive manner. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the hues that you should paint the exterior of your home. These colors are perfect for the exterior of your home because they pull together the allure of it much nicer than other colors. In addition, if you are looking to sell your home, then people prefer houses that are these colors much more than other ones. These popular colors will attract the widest range of buyers because of the more individual, warm, and inviting look.


Off-white is a wonderful color that incorporates a little uniqueness into a more traditional hue. Off-white will be what makes people want to move into your home. The off-white can be a color that pulls together the whole home or it can be a little off-putting. It’s best that you talk a professional painter to decide if off-white is the right route for your home. This more traditional color can add some more classiness to your home and make it warmer.


Yes, there’s a color called putty and it’s an engaging blend of two different hues. The color putty is a combination of warm taupe as well as gray. Putty can be inspiring to give your home more of a stone look. By making your home look a little more like stone, you’ll blend the more natural surroundings that are in the Boulder area.


Gray can be a very engaging color if it’s used on the exterior of the right house. Grays are beautiful against the backdrop of Evergreen trees and a beautiful blue sky. If you paint the trim of your home white or taupe, then you can make the gray stand out even more. In addition, with the snow-capped mountains, you can create that curb appeal you want to increase the value of your home. All types of grays are very big right now. From more of a normal gray to a blue gray, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a serene color with complementary trim.


Yellow is not a traditional exterior color for your home. The color yellow is a more happy color because of what it represents. It’s a very sunshine hue that will go well with the backdrop of beautiful Boulder. In addition, yellow can attract a lot of people who are interested in purchasing your home as well as raise the value of it. Be aware that when you choose yellow, you should always go paler instead of bright or deeper because it can be too overwhelming. A lighter tone will be cheerful while also eye-catching.

Lighthouse Red

Speaking of vibrant colors, we’re going to go a little more out of the box and incorporate a lighthouse red into the variety of hues that you can choose to paint your home. A lighthouse red is a blend of cheery as well as fresh and even, dare we say, classy. While this color is more out of the box, it makes the surrounding around your home pop with color, especially with the bright, Colorado sky on the horizon. If you want something a little more vibrant and broad, then the lighthouse red is a great color to paint your home.


Do you want a house that’s a little warmer and inviting? A wheat house is the right option to paint the exterior. We suggest this because it’s not yellow and it’s not a white. It’s a nice blend of these lighter colors and with darker accents, it’ll make your home stand out. This is especially true when you place it next to a lush green lawn that’s well kept and an endless Colorado sky.

Sable Brown

Our last color and one of the most eccentric is sable brown. Sable brown is an exterior color that’s more earthy. While you probably wouldn’t necessarily go with a darker brown color, you can brighten up the trim of your home with reds, yellows, and even some blue. This color will make a bold statement, but it’ll also make your home stand out due to curb appeal.

Are you ready to get started on increasing the value of your home? Mile High Coatings has you covered with our residential painting services.

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