A Brief History Of Greeley, Colorado

Although we are based out of Fort Collins, we provide residential and commercial painting services to a host of Front Range, Northern Colorado towns and communities. If you look on our Mile High Coatings Service Area, you’ll see that we offer Colorado coating and painting services on homes and businesses in communities like Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Denver, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Berthoud, and beyond.

In our previous post, we took some time to relay the 19th-century beginnings of Loveland, Colorado. Located some 10 miles to the east of Loveland and Fort Collins, Greeley is a Northern Colorado community to which we’ve been providing commercial and residential painting services for quite some time now. Whether folks are interested in finding residential painters, Greeley epoxy flooring contractors, or if they are in need of closet storage ideas and solutions from professionals, we’ve got you covered at Mile High Coatings. As a testament to our affection for this wonderful community that’s most notably host to the annual Greeley Stampede, we want to tell the story of Greeley’s beginnings in the same way we did with Loveland. Keep reading if you are interested in finding Greeley house painters or are just in the mood for a Colorado history lesson!

The history Of Greeley

Greeley, CO, is the seat of Weld County, and was founded in 1870 by members of the Union Colony of Colorado. The Union Colony of Colorado, headed by Nathan Meeker (the agricultural editor of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune) was a joint-stock colonization company. Mr. Meeker wanted to found a community that exemplified all of the good qualities a settlement should have: quality education, religious access, social cooperation, family values, and commercial opportunities as well. Although Meeker was the primary impetus behind the establishment of Greeley, the town, as you may have deduced, was named after Horace Greeley. Horace, being the east-coaster that he was, visited his namesake once…and never returned.

In 1886, Greeley became incorporated as a second-class city (an official title, mind you), with a population just north of 2,000 folks. There was an abundance of agricultural success in the town, which was supplemented by the introduction of sugar beet production right around the turn of the century. During that same, pre-World War One time period, the community of Greeley experienced an influx of German-Russians and Japanese immigrants. Many of these folks who emigrated found work on the sugar beet farms. The demographic change led to an increase in commercial and residential production, along with some serious water shortages the town would have to deal with swiftly.

Being swift was not accomplished, however. It wasn’t until 1937 when the Colorado-Big Thompson Project gained approval. Utilizing a cutting-edge high-mountain reservoir and trans-mountain water-diversion tunnel system, worries of water shortages became a thing of the past.

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Greeley In The The 50s and 60s

The 50s saw Greeley experience a boom. New businesses, schools, public institutions, farms, houses, and new industries all sprung up during this decade. Ben Cruce, a city council member, was instrumental in the adoption of a new zoning plan, which helped map out Greeley’s future in a responsible way.

In the 50s and 60s (and perhaps earlier), Greeley was a “dry” city. This lasted until the 70s when the localized prohibition was converted from a law to a memory.

More recently, Greeley became a part of the “high-tech” world, when Hewlett-Packard Company put down roots in 1982. Sadly, the company left the city of Greeley in 2000, leaving behind nothing more than the massive building it used for nearly two decades. However, hope springs eternal, as new commercial use has recently reinvigorated a once-depressing part of the town.

Greeley Residential Painters

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