Trend Alert! What 2018 Can Do For Your Home

We’re already a few months into 2018 and there’s so much change in the air. From new trends in home decor to popular paint colors that are coming onto the scene, now is the time to redo your home in a way that is unique and fun. Just in time for your to entertain for the summer time. If you’ve been considering redoing your home because you want a different vibe in it, then the first step you’ll want to start with is residential painting. It’s important to start with the biggest portion of a renovation because you’ll knock out all the time-consuming kinks and then you’ll be able to focus on the smaller factors. If you’re going to be doing some major renovations, then you’ll want to complete the painting after the fact. However, if you are just looking to change the color of the inside of your home and incorporate some different trends, then painting is your first stage.

In your Loveland home, you’ll want to hire a well-known and trustworthy Northern Colorado residential painting company. Mile High Coatings has worked with homeowners all through the Front Range for years and will continue to do so for many more. If you’re interested in learning more about our high quality customer service and our affordable prices, then contact us today to get started on adding a touch of life to your home.

Current Home Decor Trends in 2018

The seed of desire to change your home has been planted. You’ve been reading magazines about home decor and trying to imagine a different aesthetic to make your windows seem brighter and the house seems larger. The easiest and most inexpensive way to add a different and rejuvenating vibe to your home is by hiring a residential painting company to use some different colors on the walls and then you can purchase some refreshing new pieces of furniture to breathe some life into your home.

However, there are some times that you want to completely tear down the interior of your home and do something different, something that’s versatile. After a major renovation, you’ll also want to appoint a residential painting company to add a different tone to the walls. If you want to add some current home decor trends to your residence, then these tips will help you figure out what you want to do in your home.

Painting The Ceiling

Did you know that painting your ceiling is the new trend? Accents are out and painting the ceiling is one of the newest paint trends that are popping up in 2018. According to Pinterest, statement ceilings have increased by 310 percent since last year. The desire to have a statement ceiling is spreading and when you hire our residential painting services, you can have a ceiling that will add a pop of versatility and color to your home.

A statement ceiling is something that can be done in any home even for those homeowners that consider themselves minimalists. You can add dimension and character to a home with a painted ceiling. Keep in mind that when you hear “painted ceiling,” you may think that’s something you can do yourself — DIY projects are fun, after all. However, painting a ceiling should be left up to the professionals because it’s a hairy beast to tackle. If you want a ceiling that makes a statement, then our team of residential painters is ready to do the job and make that fifth wall burst with beautiful hues.

Incorporating Turquoise Into Your Home

Speaking of bursting with beautiful hues, incorporating turquoise in the home is one of the new home decor trends of 2018. Just like a statement ceiling, a statement turquoise will make a bold declaration in any home. The vibrant shades of blue are not meek and modest, so be aware when you start to turn a room in your home turquoise that it will be very bold. Turquoise is such a popular color right now because of how it fills an entire room with some boldness and uniqueness. Consider how many homes you’ve been in that has turquoise walls or vibrant tchotchkes throughout the room? This bright shade of blue is forward-thinking and fun. If you’re hesitant to get into more bold colors in your home, then consider toning it down with grey, white, or brown furniture or accents.

Purple is In

In addition to turquoise being a color that’s gripping dining and living rooms everywhere, purple is also very in right now. Purple can be dark, light, and anywhere in between. From mauve to lilac, purple comes in all shapes and sizes. Purple can add a certain energy to any room in your home. Purple is also the color of royalty and will add a certain decree over the room. When you walk into a space that has a majority of purple, you’ll feel gripped with luxury and positive energy. Purple also adds depth to a room and adventure because it is such a daring and versatile color. If you’re a little nervous to add purple to your home, then start with small accessories such as lampshades and pieces of furniture to offset the tone of the walls.

Interior Home Painting

Be Inspired By Travel!

Another way to add something different to your home is by incorporating travel through a room or through the house. Traveling is something a majority of people enjoy and because of social media everyone seems to have run off to a different place on their mind. As Coloradoans, we have so many options of places to travel from going to Moab to the Grand Canyon or up to Mount Rushmore. Instead of settling on traditional Colorado colors, take a page of inspiration from the areas that are so close by. If you’re not native to Colorado, then draw on inspiration from your hometown or from places you’ve always wanted to visit such as New York or Europe. You can touch on nature-inspiration due to our close proximity to the mountains as well. Wherever you dream of going, make sure that you bring a little travel to your life with fun colors for your home or just some trinkets to remind that eventually, you will make it to your dream vacation.

Spice Up Your Home With Dark Woods

Lastly, dark wood is a very current trend. Now, this can mean anything from redoing your flooring to incorporating some dark stained furniture through the room. It can also mean going for the gusto and painting a room in your home to look more nature-inspired. According to the current trends, furniture is going to go very dark this year because of the Scandinavian vogues. Darker woods can add retro glamour and modern luxury to any space. Dark woods are fun to include in any home because they aren’t only classic, they are also versatile.

Are you ready to repaint and add some different furniture to your home? Dream big and be daring when you choose Mile High Coatings for your residential painting needs.

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