Is It Time To Repaint Your Home?

Fort Collins Painting and Epoxy Coating

Whether you’re looking to sell your Denver home or you want a new look for your residence, our residential painting services can offer you something a little extra for your house. At Mile High Coatings, we offer an array of services that can make your home look better and raise the value of it. However, how do you know if you need your home touched up? What are the signs that you should be aware of if your home needs to be repainted? What should you look out for on the exterior of your home? If you are thinking of residential painting, then we are here to help you dream outside the box and visualize what your home could look like when you take advantage of an expert painting solution.

Signs That It Is Time To Repaint Your Home

For some time, you’ve been staring at an area on the outside of your home where the paint is chipping off. You feel compelled to have it touched up, but you’re not sure if you should hire a residential painting service because wouldn’t it be easier to do it yourself if it’s one little area?

While doing it yourself might seem like the less costly option, when you decide on a trusted painting company, you can expect that we complete the job correctly and in a timely manner as well as stay within your budget. As a reliable business that caters to Denver and the surrounding areas, we provide exterior and interior painting services as well as other services that focus on staining, coating, and epoxy flooring. Take the time to look out for these signs, to ensure your home looks amazing no matter the time of the year.

Peeling Paint

The first sign you should look out for on the exterior of your house is if there is peeling paint. This might seem like an obvious sign that you need to look out for, but it’s one that is easily missed. If you see cracking, chipping, or peeling on your house, even if it’s just the tiniest bit, it’s time to hire a residential painting service. The reason that your paint might be cracking is because there’s moisture that’s getting beneath the paint and slowly causing it to be damaged. In addition, the moisture can cause mold and harm to the structure over time.

The Trim Is Beginning To Decay

If the trim on your house is decaying, then it’s time that your house is repainted. Keep in mind that the region around your doors and windows will be more damaged over time because of being used more frequently. The outside of your doors and the windows will have decay that occurs over time, which lowers the value of your home and creates damage due to the elements. Paint can be the first line of defense to protect your home, which is why it’s so vital that you have a residential painting service for hire instead of doing it yourself.

The Color Is Beginning To Fade

Another sign that it’s time to clean your house is that the color of your home is fading. Yes, the color of the paint on the outside of your home can begin to fade if it has been damaged by the sun. Fading color occurs because of sun damage. While there’s not much you can do to protect your home from sun damage, you can choose the right type of paint to ensure that it’s strong enough to keep from fading. As we mentioned above, paint is the first line of defense in keeping your home safe from the elements. By using paint that is protective, you’ll notice your home has the right layer of preservation to keep it from becoming damaged by the sun. If you want to ensure that you’re picking out the right type of protective paint, then make sure to talk to an expert from Mile High Coatings.

The Paint Job Is Over 5 Years Old

Our last sign that you need a new coat of paint on your house is the age of your home. Frequently, things that need to be replaced or repainted all come down to the age of the item, and a house is no different. If your home is over five years and it hasn’t been painted for over five years, then it’s time to have it touched up. If your home is newer, then it’s probably only had one layer of paint applied. Once it’s been five years, it’s time that you add a protective layer of paint and keep it well maintained. Stick to the five year rule and your home will always look pristine and new.

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Prepare Your Home With Our Residential Painting Services

Windsor Painting Services

Luckily or unluckily, depending on if you enjoy the snow, we haven’t gotten that much this year in Fort Collins. However, we have been exposed to some chilly weather, which means you’re probably waiting patiently for the spring weather to appear. With the holidays finished and Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s nothing wrong with allowing your mind to drift toward warmer weather and fun in the sun.

One of the negatives about warm weather is spring cleaning. No matter what time of the year it may be, cleaning is something no one enjoys. Instead of waiting until March to begin thinking about what you need to do for spring cleaning and preparing your home for the summer, start considering it now. The benefit of starting the process for preparing your home for summer is that you’ll be able to spend more time in the sun and less time buried in boxes and on the phone with home services to find the right one for you. If you want to start preparing your home for summer with our residential painting services, then now is the time to get started. For more information on our exterior services, reach out to us.

Tips To Ensure Your Home Is Summer Ready

The very thought of summer can bring a smile to anyone’s face. The fact you’ll get to enjoy the summer in a beautiful home should make you excited. At Mile High Coating, we offer a variety of services to prepare your home for the summer. One of the most popular services that you can take advantage of as we approach warmer months is residential painting. This can mean the outside and the inside of your home because we offer both. We want to help you prepare your home for the summer because you’ll be able to spend more time doing things you want to do instead of focusing on home improvement. These tips will prepare your home for the summer, and while you may think that it’s too early to start thinking about warm weather, it will be here before you know it.

Hire A Professional Painting Service To Refresh Your Home’s Look

As a painting company, we encourage you to have your home touched up with our residential services. As the leading painting contractor in the Front Range area, we have the necessary experience to make your home look new. Whether you have some cracked or chipped paint or you want to raise the value of your home with an extra coat of paint, our residential painting services will make your home look like new. In addition, we’ll stay on an accurate and prompt schedule, so you don’t have to worry about when we’re going to finish. What makes us stand apart from other painting companies in the Denver area is that we’ll address what you want to be done on your house and provide quality workmanship.

Ready your Patio and Coat The Deck

In addition to residential painting, we also offer patio and deck services. We don’t know about you, but having a patio or a deck in the summer is one of the best parts of living in Colorado. With the backdrop of the mountains, the bright sunshine on your face, and your grill going strong, a patio or a deck is a vital part of the house. As the summer months get closer, you probably want to prepare your patio or your deck for the festivities you have planned or to have somewhere to go to relax on after a long workday.

At Mile High Coating, we provide patio staining and deck coating. If you need touchups on your house and your patio or you want your deck protected, then we can be your one-stop-shop for both services. Our patio staining service is a beneficial service because it offers traction and an overall aesthetic appeal that will create a clean and uniform look. Our deck coating service is a great option for homes with decks because it’ll protect the surface from harm. If you are even thinking about entertaining this summer on your patio or your deck, then take the time to contact a Top Rated Local® Professional Coating Solutions company.

Clean Out The Garage

Our last tip is to clean out the garage. Why wait to clean out your garage when the mountains are calling to you? Instead, take an initiative with your garage and start to clean it out and then take advantage of our garage floor coating service. In addition to epoxy flooring, we also have super high performance polyaspartic floor coatings to create a better garage for you. Regardless if you park your car in your garage or it’s just for storage, this service will improve the resistance to abrasion as well as create a gloss retention over the floor.

While you may not be ready to paint now — and we don’t blame you because it could snow again any day — it’s vital that you begin to think of how you can get your home ready for summer. Before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll be hunting through quality painting companies to find the right one to make your home look fantastic. Eliminate searching for ideal painting companies and come to Mile High Coating, so you can spend more time with your family and friends while we do the work.

A Brief History Of Greeley, Colorado

Although we are based out of Fort Collins, we provide residential and commercial painting services to a host of Front Range, Northern Colorado towns and communities. If you look on our Mile High Coatings Service Area, you’ll see that we offer Colorado coating and painting services on homes and businesses in communities like Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Denver, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Berthoud, and beyond.

In our previous post, we took some time to relay the 19th-century beginnings of Loveland, Colorado. Located some 10 miles to the east of Loveland and Fort Collins, Greeley is a Northern Colorado community to which we’ve been providing commercial and residential painting services for quite some time now. Whether folks are interested in finding residential painters, Greeley epoxy flooring contractors, or if they are in need of closet storage ideas and solutions from professionals, we’ve got you covered at Mile High Coatings. As a testament to our affection for this wonderful community that’s most notably host to the annual Greeley Stampede, we want to tell the story of Greeley’s beginnings in the same way we did with Loveland. Keep reading if you are interested in finding Greeley house painters or are just in the mood for a Colorado history lesson!

The history Of Greeley

Greeley, CO, is the seat of Weld County, and was founded in 1870 by members of the Union Colony of Colorado. The Union Colony of Colorado, headed by Nathan Meeker (the agricultural editor of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune) was a joint-stock colonization company. Mr. Meeker wanted to found a community that exemplified all of the good qualities a settlement should have: quality education, religious access, social cooperation, family values, and commercial opportunities as well. Although Meeker was the primary impetus behind the establishment of Greeley, the town, as you may have deduced, was named after Horace Greeley. Horace, being the east-coaster that he was, visited his namesake once…and never returned.

In 1886, Greeley became incorporated as a second-class city (an official title, mind you), with a population just north of 2,000 folks. There was an abundance of agricultural success in the town, which was supplemented by the introduction of sugar beet production right around the turn of the century. During that same, pre-World War One time period, the community of Greeley experienced an influx of German-Russians and Japanese immigrants. Many of these folks who emigrated found work on the sugar beet farms. The demographic change led to an increase in commercial and residential production, along with some serious water shortages the town would have to deal with swiftly.

Being swift was not accomplished, however. It wasn’t until 1937 when the Colorado-Big Thompson Project gained approval. Utilizing a cutting-edge high-mountain reservoir and trans-mountain water-diversion tunnel system, worries of water shortages became a thing of the past.

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Greeley In The The 50s and 60s

The 50s saw Greeley experience a boom. New businesses, schools, public institutions, farms, houses, and new industries all sprung up during this decade. Ben Cruce, a city council member, was instrumental in the adoption of a new zoning plan, which helped map out Greeley’s future in a responsible way.

In the 50s and 60s (and perhaps earlier), Greeley was a “dry” city. This lasted until the 70s when the localized prohibition was converted from a law to a memory.

More recently, Greeley became a part of the “high-tech” world, when Hewlett-Packard Company put down roots in 1982. Sadly, the company left the city of Greeley in 2000, leaving behind nothing more than the massive building it used for nearly two decades. However, hope springs eternal, as new commercial use has recently reinvigorated a once-depressing part of the town.

Greeley Residential Painters

If you are looking for Greeley painting and coating services, look no further than Mile High Coating. Not only do we provide competitive pricing, we offer top-class experience, high-grade materials, and a commitment to getting the job done right. You can’t trust just anyone to be your local house painter, so why not go with a Greeley painting company that has a track record of success with the reputation to back it up. Get in touch with us at Mile High Coating for your next coating or painting project. So start dreaming outside the box! Get your free estimate today!

Loveland Painters: A Tribute To Loveland’s Rich History

Loveland house Painters

In our previous post, we wrote a piece titled “Little-Known Facts About Painting And Coating”. We offered our readers some random factoids about high-quality paint, the history of painting, how much paint is sold and produced in this nation every year, and some more subtle, yet significant, differences between oil-based and latex-based paints. We had a fantastic time researching and highlighting a few things ourselves. Obviously, we are experienced in the ways of epoxy flooring in Northern Colorado and painting services in the same area. But there is a wide world of painting facts out there on which we have barely scratched the surface.

With that in mind, we are going to carry on with the same kind of post; call us paint nerds if you like, we just couldn’t get enough of these little-known facts. If you are in the same boat as us, we encourage you to read on! If however, you are more interested in one of our range of local painting and coating services like home painting, commercial painting, storage solutions, Super High Performance Polyaspartic, Epoxy Garage Floors, and even concrete staining on basements or garage floors, we think it’s alright if you skip out on this post in favor of finding the Northern Colorado coating and painting specialists you are looking for.

In Front Range communities like Berthoud, Denver, Broomfield, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, Longmont, Boulder, Thornton, Arvada, and others, people turn to Mile High Coatings for exceptional business property and home painting services. And before we get going on our promised topic today, we thought it would be fun to do a bit of a “mini-piece”, if you will, about one of the communities that call us the top residential and commercial painters. Of course, this isn’t a unanimous proclamation of our superiority here at Mile High Coatings; indeed, if every single person in Northern Colorado agreed that we were the only choice as commercial and home painters, there wouldn’t even be a need for a website or this post! That being said, we want to get the word out about how passionate we are about each Colorado community we serve.

Loveland, Colorado Painters

First up is Loveland, right next to our home-city of Fort Collins, CO. Loveland, such that it is, wasn’t always Loveland. The first settlers who came to what is now called Loveland named the area “Miraville”. Most notable of these settlers was Mariano Modena, an early trapper who decided to settle down in the area around 1858. Within the Big Thompson Valley, close to the Big Thompson River, what is now called Mariana Butte, and The Devil’s Backbone, the famous Fort Namaqua was built. This Fort served as a refuge for travelers on the Overland Stage Line, and eventually became the site for a federal post office. But by the time that Medina’s health had taken a turn for the worse in 1878, Fort Namaqua was already becoming a thing of the past. The city of Loveland would be founded some three years later.

Even still, some of you Lovelanders (or is it “Lovelandites”?) might find it fascinating to learn that the Medina family and their friends have a historical landmark as a cemetery which can still be found to this day. Although the location isn’t directly where Fort Namaqua would have been found, you can travel on Namaqua Road to First Street, just south of Highway 34, west of town. Just northwest of that intersection you can find the landmark with their graves. Interestingly enough, look to the west and you’ll see what is now called Mariana Butte, now home to hundreds of beautiful homes and a picturesque golf course which tangles itself through the winding Big Thompson River.

The Flour Mill

As Fort Namaqua faded into memory, St. Louis became a local buzzword. Andry Douty was the owner of a local flour mill, which had “St. Louis” printed all over merchandise and equipment as a marketing ploy of sorts. The mill’s success begat community success, and with that communal prospering came the opportunity for the pre-Loveland town (in 1868) to be considered for the county seat. As it turns out, Fort Collins, the military camp designated to protect the Overland Stage Line, was the victor in that particular running.

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Barnes And Loveland

In 1873, David Barnes packed up and moved his family and life from Golden, Colorado (close to Denver) 50 miles or so north to the Fort Namaqua and St. Louis area. Barnes did so not on a whim, but on a tip from his good friend, William H. Loveland, the president of the Colorado Central Railroad. The tip was that there was a new railroad line set to be installed between Denver, Fort Collins, and, eventually, even Cheyenne, Wyoming. Barnes, for the short-term, became a wheat farmer, wisely selecting property where the surveyed land set to be a part of the railroad would be. Barnes donated a portion of his 80-acre farm so the railroad construction could go through. By 1878, everyone was moving from St. Louis to the railroad, around a mile west. Barnes, ever the altruist, helped sway the vote to incorporate, which took place in 1881, so that the town would officially be named “Loveland”, rather than “Barnesville”. We certainly prefer the former, some 100 odd years later.

Barnes was always highly regarded in the Loveland community. He was affectionately known as “Uncle Dave” until he passed away in 1886. If you are interested in viewing his home, to this day it still stands on Earnest Place.

Other 19th century highlights of Loveland include the founding of the Loveland Reporter-Herald (originally known as simply “The Reporter”), and the noteworthy fact that Loveland had grown from 250 residents in 1882 to the ample figure of 900 in 1885.

Perhaps in a future post, we will carve out the time to highlight 20th-century proceedings in our beautiful community known as Loveland. But for now, this brief history lesson will have to suffice.

Fun Facts About Paint And Painters!

The first thing we said we would do in this post, before we got slightly carried away talking about Loveland’s origin, was that we would be listing little-known facts about paint. And by golly, that is exactly what you are going to get, even if this post’s list might be a bit more truncated than what we had originally intended.

  • Red is the very first color a baby will see. It’s true. Scientists speculate that the reason babies can see red in the first few weeks of being out in the world is due to the fact that the color red has the longest wavelength among colors that humans can see. Therefore, it’s the easiest to process.
  • Looking to manage your anger, or maybe, someone else’s? Paint their room pink. While doing so might make a certain sliver of the population even more upset, if people can get past the color’s stereotypes, they might be able to enjoy a few of this pallet’s benefits. This color is said to help suppress anger and anxiety because of its intrinsically calming qualities. Remarkably, this is why mental health care clinics and even prisons paint their walls pink.
  • In the past, perhaps around the time that Loveland was just a railroad line and a few hundred settlers, house painters were expected to grind down their own pigments with a pestle and mortar. Because that was an arduous process, typically only wealthy people could afford to have a colored home. Nowadays, whether you live in Loveland or not, you can call Mile High Coatings for affordable house painting services.

Loveland Painters

If you are looking for Loveland commercial and residential painting services, we believe that we represent a great choice because we do our best to blend quality with value. We offer our expertise and input as a complimentary service because we want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied by our commercial and residential painting services. If you are searching for Loveland paint contractors or exterior house painters, or perhaps even deck coating and basement flooring services, we’ve got you covered at Mile High Coatings. We are in the business of turning first-time customers into life-long clients. Through high-quality materials, affordable pricing, and friendly professionalism, we get the job done well. On every project, big or small we want to prove our worth to our customers. That’s what makes a good painting company great. Get your free estimate today!

Little Known Facts About Painting And Epoxy Coating

Painting Facts

Mile High Coatings is a Northern Colorado painting company that, quite simply, gets the job done. That’s not a vague inanity, either, as we have real substance behind that statement. When you contact us, either by calling or filling out a contact form on our site, you’ll get a free estimate back. Once we get more in-depth about your specific project, we’ll be able to provide you with a timeline of all work that will be done. From the job’s start to completion, we are dedicated to behaving with respect while we are on your property, whether it’s commercial or residential. We have a variety of services here at Mile High Coatings, from epoxy flooring, polyaspartic coating, custom storage ideas and solutions, to home painting services. We will ask you to specify whether you are looking for storage solutions, concrete staining, commercial floor coating, epoxy garage floors, commercial painting, or residential painting on our form as well.

Our service area is almost as vast as our service offering. We proudly offer our resources for jobs in communities that include Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Windsor, Westminster, Greeley, Longmont, Denver, Berthoud, and Loveland. Although we are based out of Fort Collins (our owner and founder is a CSU graduate, by the way), we can easily make the short drive to wherever the location in mind is. Suffice it to say that if you type something like “painting companies near me” into your smartphone or tablet, we are likely to come up. And it’s because we really are near you, even if you aren’t in Fort Collins or Loveland!

Now that we’ve gotten some of the formalities out of the way, we have a promised blog topic to get to today. As you’ve likely already noticed, we are going to depart from our typical kind of topic in favor of doing something a bit more entertaining! We realize that not everyone is as passionate about coatings and painting as we are, so we might as well try to stir up some of that fervor we were innately gifted. Keep reading if you are interested in little-known facts about painting and coating!

Fun Facts About Paint And The Painting industry

  • The very first known residential interior paint work of any kind was cave-painting done thousands of years ago.
  • While latex paints are recyclable, oil-based paints should not be discarded in a traditional way. They are hazardous waste and need to be taken care of by a waste management company that is qualified to do so. If you are thinking about embarking on a DIY, paint-your-own-home adventure, carefully examine the kind of paint you will be using on your home’s exterior or interior. Let’s do our best to be sustainable and kind to Mother Nature!
  • You need to do research if you are planning on painting your home or business yourself. In addition to the fact listed above, the surface area, or surface coverage, of a gallon can vary quite a bit. In fact, it can be anywhere between 25 and 44 square yards, depending on the type and color of the pain you are using.
  • When it comes to interior painting, Mile High Coatings has you covered. We can serve as your consultant regarding residential or commercial projects. And whether you have an office building or are looking to change up your home’s vibe, the color of your selected paint is said to have a deeper psychological impact on one’s mood than you may have realized. For example, a red room will boost the room’s energy. A yellow room connotes happiness and calm, as it signifies sunshine to us. Blue is said to bring blood pressure down and provide a sense of controlled tranquility. Perhaps it would fit well in your office, bedroom, or even restroom.

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  • The secret to epoxy flooring is in its resins. Perhaps you have wondered why epoxy coatings are effective. They provide a waterproof, fire retardant, stain-resistant quality to your garage or basement floor.
  • Every year, over 1.57 billion gallons of paint are sold in the United States of America. To put that figure into perspective, that’s a volume of 125,000,000 cubic feet. We tried to find a suitable comparison for that figure to make it understandable, but failed. Please forgive us. Just know that it’s a lot.
  • The United States banned lead-based paint from being used in residential paints only in 1978. Many other countries did this before 1920. If you have an older home that hasn’t had a new coat or two of paint on it in some fifty years, you might want to give us a call at Mile High Coatings!
  • There are more shades of green than any other residentially available paint color. Why? Some people say it’s because the human eye, with its trusty cones (rods don’t detect color), can distinguish more varieties of green than any other color. And that’s pretty neat!
  • Epoxy flooring works well on more surfaces than garages and basements. Epoxy systems can be used on steel, concrete, and pretty much every kind of surface (not including carpets, obviously). Get in touch with us if you have questions about our polyaspartic or epoxy coating options.
  • Modern paint and its idea have been around since the first century A.D. China is on record for being the first to use it. In fact, some archaeologists found evidence that palaces of that time were covered in paint. The painters of that era utilized pigments like ochre to wet plastered walls in order to get a long-lasting effect.
  • High-quality paint might be more expensive, but it also might save you money in the long-run. For starters, it lasts longer, looks better, and can be applied more easily. It’s also likely that a higher-quality paint will be more weather-resistant. Maybe you are asking yourself, “what determines the quality of a paint?” Excellent question, we are thrilled you asked! There are four measures that do exactly that: pigments, binders, liquids, and additives. Look out for a future blog post that goes into detail about each of these qualities.

Northern Colorado’s Expert Painters

Whether you are in need of concrete sealant, an industrial painting contractor, stained concrete, or a garage storage cabinet, we’ve got an affordable solution for you here at Mile High Coatings. We are committed to having an ideal blend of value and quality in all that we do. And although our services are diverse, we do each of them well. We believe that if you can’t do something well then it is not worth doing. Get in touch with us at Mile High Coatings for your free estimate today!

Commercial Painting In Fort Collins

Commercial Painters In Fort Collins

Wherever you are in the Front Range, be it Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Greeley, Longmont, Denver, or somewhere else altogether in Northern Colorado, you should know that Mile High Coatings is an exceptional option when it comes to commercial painting. The following post is dedicated to letting business and property owners know what Mile High Coatings can do for you and your commercial or industrial property. So whether you are searching for industrial painting contractors or commercial painting services, we’ve got you covered here at Mile High Coating with competitive pricing and elite painting materials and craftsmanship. Keep reading to learn more about the top Fort Collins commercial painting contractors!

Expert Commercial Painters In Fort collins

We are able to provide high-quality commercial paint work on a variety of projects. Whether you are looking for an institutional painting contractor, a retail job, an office space painting job, or industrial painting services, we have experience in understanding the idiosyncrasies of each commercial space. With that understanding comes the ability to make recommendations that will help your business or organization in the future. We get that the primary function of painting an institutional or commercial building is to protect the building from the elements as well as to look attractive.

Durable, Long Lasting Paint

Our commercial painting services are designed to stand the test of time and the elements. That means we specialize in applying protective coatings that are designed to resist extreme weather and high traffic. For example, we use durable epoxies in high-wear areas and weather-resistant, long-lasting paints in areas that require such a coating.

Painting Experience Matters

We hear a lot about experience in various service industries. Heck, we talk a lot about experience here at Mile High Coatings. Why? It matters. In reference to commercial painting projects specifically, there is a significant difference between hospitals, doctors’ offices, labs, and a range of institutional building types. We hang our hat on understanding the nuances that each commercial painting project requires.

We work closely with our clients to determine what unique specifications, light, color, and detail is necessary for the job to be completed in an ideal way. Our experience comes into play in the sense that we are able to ask the right questions, some of which business owners don’t know to ask. That way, you and your staff are sure to have a work environment which is both productive and pleasant. We love to help contribute to the brainstorming and planning process as much as the execution itself!

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Looking For An Experienced Commercial Painting Contractor?

From the job’s beginning to end, we operate with professionalism and friendliness. Even if we aren’t doing a residential painting project, we still make a point to behave respectfully wherever we are working. Our work entails the following processes, although it should be noted that some of these painting services are subject to change, depending on the tailored plan for your building.

  • Surface Preparation – Preparation is key to any paint job, be it residential or commercial in nature. Surface preparation involves rinsing down the unit, which we can do lightly or with a power wash, utilizing our 2300+ PSI unit. Other elements of preparation involve scraping, sanding, caulking, filling, priming, and other intricate details which we do not miss.
  • The Painting Process – We use top-grade, 100 percent acrylic paint. Please let us know if you have a preference, however. And after the prep work is complete, we will use drop cloths for areas on the ground, and mask items like windows, railings, and brick to make sure they remain paint-free during the process. Then we spray the body and brush the trim, although each project varies in its approach.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a range of warranties ranging from five to ten years in length, Mile High Coatings represents a fantastic option for commercial painting services in Fort Collins. Reach out to us today!

Fort Collins Home Painters: A Closer Look At Our Residential Painting Services

Fort Collins Painting Services

If you are interested in learning more about local interior and exterior painters in Fort Collins, we’ve got good news for you. This is a spot where we addressing our prospective customers’ concerns. At Mile High Painting, we call ourselves the Fort Collins painters of choice because of our ability to find custom painting solutions for our community members here in Larimer County. Our owner David founded Mile High Coatings in 2008 with a vision for providing residents of Northern Colorado with a blend of affordability and quality when it comes to both commercial painting and residential painting services.

Although our service area has expanded (as has our range of services, which includes Epoxy Garage Floors, Concrete Staining, Storage Solutions, Super High-Performance Polyaspartic, and more) our bread and butter remains commercial and home painting. Today’s post is dedicated to our readers who are looking for Fort Collins painting services. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about what you can expect while working with a Fort Collins painting company like Mile High Coatings!

Fort Collins Residential Painters

If you are looking for Fort Collins home painters, look no further than Mile High Coatings. We are 100 percent committed to providing our clients with exceptional interior and exterior house painting while still maintaining our dedication to value and affordability. While most painting companies might be focused on how many jobs they can get done in a given period, we are more interested in keeping a long-term presence here in Fort Collins. That’s accomplished by making sure our customers are taken care of and satisfied.

That effort begins when you contact us. We will get back to you promptly and determine if we can help you meet your painting goals within your budget. Our expertise is at your disposal, so if you want to bounce a few ideas off of us to help you decide which painting solution is right for your project, we would be happy to assist! Even if you aren’t planning on getting a full exterior home paint job done, we can still help with less complicated projects, such as an accent wall or a single-room.

Our Residential Painting Services Include:

  • Punctual and prompt scheduling
  • Comprehensive interior painting
  • Comprehensive exterior painting
  • Thorough project estimations and budgeting
  • Zero VOC, or green, paint for interior painting services
  • Waterproofing and Elastomeric coatings
  • Lacquer and staining on interior wood finishes
  • Smart job management and supervision
  • Free color consultation
  • Comprehensive surface preparation
  • Minor carpentry service and dry rot repair
  • The best materials – we use EMERALD and DURATION from Sherwin-Williams for exterior painting projects
  • Quality workmanship with the experience and know-how that counts in the house painting industry
  • A premium, 10-Year Warranty is available for exterior painting
  • A standard, 5-Year Warranty for all of our painting services

Fort Collins Exterior Home Painters

As we mentioned above, if you are looking for Fort Collins exterior painting services, you are in luck, as we have a premium, 10-Year Warranty available for all exterior home painting jobs. Our residential exterior painting service includes some of the following.

  • Replace rotted or swollen materials and cracked trim or siding as necessary
  • A full caulking upgrade option utilizing a Lifetime Warranty Caulk
  • We are happy to remove cables or antiquated satellite dishes
  • Minor stucco repairs and, if possible with our schedule, major stucco repairs
  • Other miscellaneous handyman work to help get the job done on schedule and well
  • A Long-lasting job that looks fantastic for many years to come, we various options to help improve the duration of the quality of the job

When we paint your home, we want you to understand we have a formula for punctual success in all of our jobs. While no two projects are alike, we know what needs to be done and when to do it. For instance, when we are extremely thorough during prep work to make sure that nothing needs to be done twice. That’s just part of the reason why we are becoming well-known as the premier Fort Collins painting company.

Interior Painting In Fort Collins

You’ve probably heard of teenagers painting houses in the summer. While we don’t want to be critical of any entity in particular, we understand that there exists a subtlety and a nuance to exterior house painting which can’t be learned on the fly. It’s difficult to be confident about your painter’s abilities when they clearly aren’t as experienced as other painting companies in the area. That principle is only magnified when it comes to interior painting. We haven’t heard of many college students attempting to market themselves as interior painting experts, but the point remains that you want to find a Fort Collins painting contractor with the requisite experience in interior painting.

You might be surprised how many homeowners choose to use an amateur or even a friend for interior home painting. This is not a good idea. Interior painting takes experience, finesse, and touch. When you work with Mile High Coatings, you can have the peace of mind that we have all three qualities in spades. We will be able to complete the project in a punctual and affordable way. But the most important element of any interior painting job is that the project gets done correctly. That is what Mile High Coatings brings to the table with our dependable Fort Collins interior painting services.

David Nanninga, our founder who is also a CSU graduate, started in the industry in 2002 by participating in a college business internship program that afforded him the tools he needed to learn how to manage a small painting company. From 2008 until now, David and the rest of us here at Mile High Coatings have been striving to improve every day. We understand that it takes time to gain the trust of a community, and we are happy to say that we are on the right trajectory to accomplish that goal. With effective communication, clear goals and expectations laid out, and a commitment to excellence, we are proud to be Fort Collins’ top choice for residential painting.

“We had our house repainted this past summer and it was a great experience. Aaron and David were excellent communicators throughout the process. We also really enjoyed the color consultation which helped us pick colors and a design that we would never have thought of on our own. Best of all, their prices were very competitive and we didn’t feel like we had to pay an extreme premium for this quality level of service.” – Cory Bezyak, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Painting Companies Near Me

You no longer have to type “painting companies near me” into your smartphone. You don’t have to sift through listings and reviews to determine which company will get you the best deal. You don’t have to worry if your friend is capable of actually doing the interior painting work they say they are. You’ve already found the best combination of value and quality in Fort Collins and beyond. We would love to work with you on a custom plan that you are excited about. If you are ready to take the next step towards getting your Fort Collins residential painting project completed, reach out to us at Mile High Coatings today!

What Does A Lifetime Warranty Mean For Exterior Painting?

Mile High Coatings paints a lot of homes every year. Undoubtedly, we frequently are asked what exactly a Lifetime Warranty means when it comes to exterior painting.

Great question.

Lifetime Paint WarrantyIt is the manufacturer, in our case, Sherwin-Williams that offers a limited lifetime warranty on their select products. Currently, they carry 3 lines of exterior paint that fall into this category: Resilience, Duration and Emerald. Many homeowners choose to paint their houses when they see that the existing paint has faded. From the curb, this is the most obvious sign that the house needs to be re-painted. Naturally, this condition is the one that homeowners are concerned about: does the lifetime warranty cover paint fading? The answer is No. The quality of the pigment use to tint the paint has certainly gotten better over the years. The sun, over time, will do it’s thing and keep shining and fade the paint. The warranty covers peeling, flaking, blistering or de-lamination from the substrate. The adhesion properties of these paints is very good and it will bond to a properly prepared substrate for a very long time.

​Mile High Coatings’ crews are experienced painters and will ensure a properly prepared home before the painting starts. Let us show you and contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

Feel free to call 970-314-1023 or fill out a web contact form – you’ll be happy you did!

New Elastomeric Paint Product Holds Promise

A new elastomeric primer that has the ability to contract and expand along with wood windows offers hope. As a painting contractor in the sometimes “extreme” climate changes of Colorado, we are always looking for ways to improve our level of service and quality. I believe that this product moves us ahead of the competition.
There are several reasons that wood windows, especially the sills, have such a difficult time holding even the highest quality paints and primers.


One main reason is that wood is just, well, wood. It wasn’t manufactured to hold paint like your siding or other fiberboard building materials. The glues and chemicals in composite materials offer better water resistance and do not contract and expand as much as normal, untreated wood.


Another reason that sills are troublesome is that moisture is allowed to sit on them, which magnifies the heat/cool cycle thus increasing the amount of contraction and expansion of the wood. Another cause is the ease of which moisture penetrates into the smallest cracks of wood, especially around the end grain. When water gets into these areas and freezes, the wood can split – causing tension on the paint coating which then breaks down faster. When heat comes into the picture, the moisture wants to leave and will try to evaporate through the paint coating. This leads to peeling.

To combat this entire problem, Mile High Coatings thoroughly preps the window and seals it completely. A few coats of the elastomeric primer is required to build a slight thickness. This enhances the performance of the product. A topcoat (acrylic paint) is then applied. To apply, we brush the primer and paint on the windows. We typically paint the body of the house using an airless sprayer, which is the industry standard. Our value and service makes us a top painter in Fort Collins. We also paint in Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. We paint houses in Denver, Broomfield, Westminster and Longmont, too.

With this product, we will guarantee your windows for five years. Try finding another painter that will guarantee a horizontal surface for even one or two years. Mention this article and receive a discount off your painting surfaces.

If you are looking for a Fort Collins painter, Loveland painter, Greeley painter, Windsor painter, Denver painter, Longmont painter, Erie painter, Broomfield painter, Westminster painter, then give us a call or fill out a contact form today!

Wellington Fire Department Polyaspartic Floor by Mile high Coatings!

What is a polyaspartic? To begin with, polyureas are two-part systems, meaning that a resin has to be mixed with a catalyst to create the curing reaction that hardens the material, similar to an epoxy. Like epoxy coatings, these types of coatings are ideal for areas where chemicals and high traffic would otherwise break down the floor. In the case of polyaspartic coatings, application of the coating components is tricky because it has an extremely short pot life of only 3 seconds or so, so the two parts must be mixed at the spray tip.

For most of us, the important thing to understand is that polyaspartics are a polymer coating material that has the following characteristics:

  • Rapid curing (from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on the formulation)
  • Can be successfully applied at surface temperatures from -30°F to 140°F
  • Thicker Coatings (up to 18 mils in a single coat)
  • Bubble-free surfaces even at high humidity
  • UV stable, meaning no discoloration due to sunlight
  • The cured coating can handle high temperatures… up to 350°F
  • Able to resist most stains, especially from oils and fats and even from red wine
  • Highly resistant to scratches / scuffing (higher than epoxy or urethane!)

Remember, you don’t have to be a fire department to get a great, Mile High Coatings Floor Coatings professional grade polyaspartic coating in your Fort Collins, Loveland, and Northern Colorado workshop or garage! Mile High Coatings provides the highest quality of materials and service at very low prices!

Call us today for your FREE no-obligation quote! (970) 314-1023

…and for more about our Wellington Fire Department project, be sure to check out our Mile High Coatings on Facebook!

When Is The Best Time To Paint My House?

After the warmest April ever on record in Colorado, all attention is shifting to the outdoors. Springtime calls every homeowner to clean up their gardens, yards, and tend to their needed home repairs.

House paint by Mile High Coatings

The average “to-do” list is pretty long in spring! Where to start? If your exterior paint is reaching the end of it’s life, it’s a good place to start.

Here are a few reasons why it’s best to start Spring chores with exterior repainting:

  • The lifespan of a paint job is elongated when the painting is done in mild weather.
  • It’s smart to paint before the plants start to get too big, as it becomes more difficult to paint around them later in the year.
  • It’s a good idea to get your painting done before graduations, barbecues and get-togethers begin. The Colorado summer days tend to get packed with events, so repainting should be done first!
  • Once your Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley home have a high quality, beautiful, and long lasting paint job, you’ll feel a lot better about the rest of the items on your to-do list!

For a free estimate, give Mile High Coatings professional exterior house painters a call at (970) 314-1023. We provide thorough and dedicated service to the greater part of northern Colorado!

Interior Painting and Custom Closets in Fort Collins

Cabinets and Storage Solutions

Our Interior painting company is completely dedicated to providing quality interior house painters with friendly professional service at a competitive price. Whether you are looking to paint every room in your home, an area with cathedral ceilings or to just change the color of one room, Mile High Coatings can take care of it for you.

Mile High Coatings can provide services beyond your basic painting. Of course, as part of the preparation process, we will fill nail holes, repair drywall holes and texture damage. We are also capable of installing crown molding and baseboard trim.

To ensure top notch, crisp lines, we will use a method called tape-caulking. This will make sure there is no bleed-through under the tape. And, while every good painter boasts are his or her “cutting in” ability, nothing is better than a tape-caulked paint line.

Custom Closet Design

Mile High Coatings now offers custom designed closet and storage solutions. During your initial consultation, you and your designer will discuss what drives you crazy about your current closet and what features you would love to have. We can design a custom-tailored solution that will be perfect for you. After the order is placed, it’s usually a couple weeks before installation begins. Learn more about our in-home closet solutions.