Signs That Your Home’s Interior Needs A New Paint Job

Bedrooms, hallways, and entryways, oh my! Is it time to repaint the walls in your house? Do you know the signs when it’s time to have the inside of your home repainted? In How To Know If You Need Your Home Repainted, we went over those telltale signs on the exterior of your home, but what about the interior? It’s vital that you pay attention to the signs in your home to figure out if you need a repainting. At Mile High Coatings, we have a variety of painting services that range from commercial to residential. Check out the services from our Top Rated Local® Commercial & Residential Coating Solutions company in the Denver area. With Mile High Coatings, you can start to dream outside of the box.

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How Often Should Interior Walls Be Repainted?

The first question we’ll address is how often your walls should be repainted in your home. In our previous blog about the exterior of your home, we suggested that your home should be painted every five years. However, since the interior of your home isn’t exposed to as many elements, it’s a little different. For example, you should follow a rule of having the inside of your home painted every five to seven years. The longevity of paint on your walls are affected by many different attributes. For example, the paint you use, the luster, how many coats are applied, and the amount of time between repaints.

In addition, it depends on the rooms throughout your house. It might sound odd, but interestingly enough, it comes down to the area of your home. For instance, hallways, corridors, and entryways should be repainted every three or four years because they are high traffic areas. These areas are the most common for needing a repainting; however, other areas of your home don’t have to be painted as frequently. If you have children, then their room should be touched up every two to three years because of the wear and tear it goes through in comparison to your bedroom, which needs to be touched up every eight years.

Overall, it’s a good idea to keep a lookout for signs on the walls to determine when they should be repainted. While we recommend five to seven years, it comes down to those factors and the area of your home. If you’re wondering about the telltale signs, then continue reading.

When you Need To Repaint Your Walls

Now that you know the frequency of when you should paint your home, it’s time to know the signs for when you need to repaint the walls. The second question we’ll ask you to ponder is when should you repaint your walls? What are the signs you should look out for? These signs below will help you know when it’s time to reach out to Mile High Coatings for our residential painting services.

You Are Tired Of The Current Color

You live in your house. You’re in there all day or a few times between going to work and errands at the very least. Don’t you want to enjoy the place where you live? Don’t you want to love the color of the walls? If you’re tired of the coloring in your home, then it’s time to change the tone of the walls. Becoming sick of the color of your walls is something that happens to everyone, so it’s important that you address it as soon as possible because your home should be somewhere you love to be. By updating the walls, you can get a more fresh and stylish shade that is trendy and fun. Choose a more aesthetically pleasing color for the rooms in your home to make them trendy and liven up your home.

Damage To Your Walls

Besides the obvious sign of being tired of the coloring of your walls, another sign is the damage that’s done to them. Wear and tear is something that happens to walls. Whether it’s hallways or your kid’s room, scuff marks, nail holes, and scratches are going to happen. However, if you notice damage and scuff marks, you should address them as soon as possible instead of letting the wear and tear sit on the walls. Most rooms that experience wear and tear tend to be hallways, corridors, and children’s room, but you’ll notice some damage and scuff marks in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom as well.

The Paint Is Flaking Off

Lastly, if the wall color is flaking in your home, then it’s time to have your walls repainted. Peeling, cracking, and flaking are all signs that it’s time to start looking for a residential painting service to take care of those areas of damage. High-quality paint should never begin to flake or peel, so it’s vital that you invest in good paint. Keep in mind that rooms that are exposed to high amounts of humidity will need extra protective coats to keep it from peeling and becoming damaged.

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