What Does A Lifetime Warranty Mean For Exterior Painting?

Mile High Coatings paints a lot of homes every year. Undoubtedly, we frequently are asked what exactly a Lifetime Warranty means when it comes to exterior painting.

Great question.

Lifetime Paint WarrantyIt is the manufacturer, in our case, Sherwin-Williams that offers a limited lifetime warranty on their select products. Currently, they carry 3 lines of exterior paint that fall into this category: Resilience, Duration and Emerald. Many homeowners choose to paint their houses when they see that the existing paint has faded. From the curb, this is the most obvious sign that the house needs to be re-painted. Naturally, this condition is the one that homeowners are concerned about: does the lifetime warranty cover paint fading? The answer is No. The quality of the pigment use to tint the paint has certainly gotten better over the years. The sun, over time, will do it’s thing and keep shining and fade the paint. The warranty covers peeling, flaking, blistering or de-lamination from the substrate. The adhesion properties of these paints is very good and it will bond to a properly prepared substrate for a very long time.

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