Qualities of a Good Painting Company

Spring is coming…so you’re probably wanting to do some cleaning, organizing, and decorating in your home. It’s understandable since this time of the year is dedicated to change and enhancing the look of your home. Spring is a time of new beginnings and reshaping what you want your residence to look like. After a lengthy Fort Collins winter, you’re probably eager to make your home look more welcoming for BBQs, summer parties, and get togethers with friends. It is closing in on summertime after all, so don’t you want your home to look magnificent? One affordable way that you can get your home ready is with residential painting. Residential painting at Mile High Coatings is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your home to get it ready for summer. In Affordable Methods To Improve Curb Appeal For Your Home, we discussed some low-cost ways that you can make your home look amazing without having to remodel every area. If you’d like to add some pizzazz to your home, then take the time to contact Mile High Coatings.

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5 Key Qualities Of An Excellent Painting Company

Deciding that you want to re-paint your home can be a big step, which is why it’s vital that you hire a residential painting company that has exceptional qualities. Like any home improvement project, you’ll want to make sure that the company you are employing is the expert. At Mile High Coatings, we strive to provide the best work possible. We believe that painting is an art and should be treated as such. We meet your expectations by offering an assortment of services to the residents of Fort Collins. It’s vital that when you are considering a residential painting company, you appoint one who exhibits these qualities. These qualities can help you tell the difference between companies that exhibit high caliber in the Fort Collins area and those who are leaving something to be desired.

Accurate Quotes

Quotes are exceptionally important in the painting industry. Quotes are when you ask the painter to give you an estimate for the job you want to be completed. They come in all shapes and sizes from asking about how much a fresh coat of paint would be for your front door to what a different color would cost for the interior of your home. A contractor should be able to present you with an accurate quote upfront prior to the start of the painting project.

The quote will detail the financial aspects and what you should expect to be completed in your home. If you’re unclear about how much it’ll cost, then we’ll help clear it up with the quote. What’s neat about quotes is that you don’t have to worry about paying more than what was agreed upon. It’s completely transparent with no hidden residential painting fees.


When you hire a painting company, you’ll want to make sure that they are experienced. An experienced painting company will know their stuff. At Mile High Coatings, we are a Top Rated Local® Commercial & Residential Coating Solutions, which means we know what we’re doing when it comes to painting. We are proud to say that we’ve won the Three Best Rated For The Best Business Of 2017.

In addition, we’ve been in business for several years and we have the necessary experience to help direct you toward what would look best in your home whether that means the outside or the inside. Experience in a painter is vital to ensure that your home improvement needs are met and that there are no unnecessary surprises. Since we’ve been a company for such a long time, we’ve been able to help a majority of people who want the right color to make their home the perfect place.


In addition to experience, you’re going to want a painter who is trustworthy. First, your painter will be in your home. Your home is where you probably have some valuables stored or where you leave out prized personal possessions. Your home is also where you live, so don’t you want to invite someone who is trustworthy into your home?

Second, your home is where your family lives and where you live. It’s vital that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family or your belongings when you invite a painter into your home. You’ll want to hire a painter you can trust and who will treat your home with respect as well as your family. If you hire a painter where respect and trust is mutual, then you won’t have to worry about the job getting done or your home and loved ones.


Communication in any industry is key. If you don’t have communication between the people who are working for you, then you could end up getting a project that’s significantly different than the one you wanted. Communication means returning calls in a timely manner, going through the process of painting, and making sure that the paint you wanted is correct. Communication goes both ways too. If you don’t return the painters’ calls, then you can’t get upset if they take just as long to return yours.

What’s vital about communication is that you have a clear vision of what you want and you expect your painter to do follow through on your plans. If you decide on another color or you’d like the painter to come at a later date because you had a change of plans, then you need to communicate this to the painter. To avoid errors and misinterpretations, you’ll need to talk to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner without any strange hang-ups making the project last longer than needed.


Insurance is vital to have to protect people from accidents. You’ll want to make sure the painting company that you’re working with has protection for any errors or accidents. Insurance for the painting company as well as a license will make sure that everyone stays safe during the painting project in your home. If you’re worried about errors or any valuables becoming dismantled, then make sure to talk to the painting company to make sure that they meet your expectations.

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