What Are The Best Colors For Painting An Office?

Did you know that color can affect your behavior? Did you know it can affect your productivity levels? Did you know that research has shown that the primary and secondary colors can affect your mind and your body?

Color has a lot more of an impact on us than you may have previously thought. For example, blue can affect your mind, red your body, green your balance, and yellow your emotions. When you combine each of these four colors, your behavior can be influenced. You may be thinking that there’s no way color could have that much impact, but it can and it does.

At Mile High Coatings, we aren’t just Fort Collins painters. We also offer a variety of other services such as epoxy garage floors, concrete staining, and commercial painting as well. Not only do we serve the Front Range residences, but we also serve businesses in the area as well. As a business owner, you may not think the look of your office or the feel of the office is that important — after all, the clients come and go and the employees are only here eight hours a day.

However, the color of your walls may be holding your team of employees back for those 40 hours they are in the building each week. Research and studies have shown that your office may be creating a less productive atmosphere due to the paint color. As Fort Collins painters, we know the importance of having a productive and energetic team of employees. After all, how can your expectations be met if your workers can’t concentrate because of the colors that are in the office? If you’re a business needs its walls painted, then call our Fort Collins painters. We’re affordable, efficient, and offer the highest quality customer service to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

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Why You Should Paint The Office In Enticing Colors

A scientifically-tested theory of color developed by Angela Wright and named the color affects system, demonstrates some interesting information about the correlation between behavior and colors. For 40 years, Wright worked on how color can affect a person’s behavior. In a brief overview, her work has demonstrated that someone’s personality can be affected by how the color is interpreted. It can also be influenced by the surrounding colors. Everyone is affected by colors no matter who they are or where they live even on the most basic level. Color is already pretty scientific, but when you get into the nitty-gritty of it, the difference in the wavelengths of color will meet the eye in different ways and when they are understood by the retina, they change into an electrical impulse that is processed by the brain. When the impulses move to the part of the brain that’s the hypothalamus, the endocrine system and the hormones and the majority of the overall activities we do each day is governed by the process of color and the part of the brain it goes to.

Confusing enough for you? Essentially, the takeaway is that how we process color in the brain will affect your behavior for better or for worse. When it comes to productivity, it comes down to the intensity of the color. Think about those times when you’ll be looking at something a little muted such as evergreen or a dull green versus looking at a bright green such as highlighter or lime green. Looking at brighter greens you have to blink away because it’s too bright. Highly-saturated and intense colors will affect us different in comparison to lower saturation ones.

The bottom line is that color can affect everything in the office from productivity levels to even the perception of temperatures. So how do you know what to paint your business to ensure that your business is productive and happy?

First, each color will affect us differently as we touched on above. Blue will affect the mind, red the body, yellow the ego and emotions, and green will be the essential balance of all of these things. However, most people don’t want to paint their office bright red, especially because the brightness is what can be too intense. Blue has been the color that’s rated as the most productive, but Wright deems that as too simplistic. Stimulation of the mind can be best with blue, but adding a bit of orange can be great too because it introduces emotion into that stimulation.

On the other hand, if you work in a physical environment such as a restaurant or a gym, then red might be your best bet because it can remind you of stimulus and somatic strength. Choosing the right color for your workspace comes down to your job as well as the environment. To help you put you on the right track, we have suggested some colors that are beneficial for the office.

Check Out These Colors For The Office!

Our Fort Collins painters have a few suggestions for you to pain your office:

  • SIMPLY WHITE: Crisp, clean, and simple, this serene color isn’t stark, but it’s bright enough to add something different to your office.
  • RAL8022: More bold and dark, this color is a matte finish that will make a statement. With sepia tones, it’s understated but eye-catching.
  • BLUE NOTE: As we mentioned above, blue can be very beneficial and this dulled blue doesn’t have the saturation that a bright turquoise would have. Bring a bit of drab and drama with this dulled down blue.
  • CHARMED VIOLET: Positivity and confidence are two ways to describe this color. If you want to positively influence your office, then Charmed Violet can be just what you need.
  • FULL MOON: Calming and fresh, this color is not intense, but still bright enough for a clean backdrop through the office.

Are you ready to create a productive and mentally healthy office? Hire our commercial Fort Collins painters today to have an office that’s positive and balanced.

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