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Trend Alert! What 2018 Can Do For Your Home

Painting Trends 2018

We’re already a few months into 2018 and there’s so much change in the air. From new trends in home decor to popular paint colors that are coming onto the scene, now is the time to redo your home in

Add Value To Your Home With These Popular Colors

Adding Value To Your Home Through Painting

Colors, colors, and more colors! Are you thinking about increasing the value of your home by painting it a different color? Our residential painting services are just the ticket that you need to raise the value of your home. By

Why Winter Is The Right Time For Interior Home Paint

Home Painting In Winter

Burr! It’s chilly outside in Northern Colorado and the winter doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. While you’re probably enjoying skiing in the mountains or spending a weekend snowboarding, there are other advantages to the winter time as well.

What Kind Of Company Is Mile High Coatings?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are people wondering…”what is exactly is Mile High Coatings? It seems like they do a lot, but are they any good?” ​ When I first started Mile High Coatings in 2008, we were