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Your Northern Colorado Experts For Concrete Sealing Solutions

Here at Mile High Coatings, we’ve been around in Northern Colorado for a few years now. Check that, more than a few years — let’s try over a decade of experience delivering high-quality painting and coating services for both residential

Prepare Your Home With Our Residential Painting Services

Windsor Painting Services

Luckily or unluckily, depending on if you enjoy the snow, we haven’t gotten that much this year in Fort Collins. However, we have been exposed to some chilly weather, which means you’re probably waiting patiently for the spring weather to

A Brief History Of Greeley, Colorado

Although we are based out of Fort Collins, we provide residential and commercial painting services to a host of Front Range, Northern Colorado towns and communities. If you look on our Mile High Coatings Service Area, you’ll see that we

What Kind Of Company Is Mile High Coatings?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are people wondering…”what is exactly is Mile High Coatings? It seems like they do a lot, but are they any good?” ​ When I first started Mile High Coatings in 2008, we were