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What Are The Best Colors For Painting An Office?

Colors To Use Painting The Office

Did you know that color can affect your behavior? Did you know it can affect your productivity levels? Did you know that research has shown that the primary and secondary colors can affect your mind and your body? Color has

Qualities of a Good Painting Company

Qualities of the best painting company

Spring is coming…so you’re probably wanting to do some cleaning, organizing, and decorating in your home. It’s understandable since this time of the year is dedicated to change and enhancing the look of your home. Spring is a time of

A Brief History Of Greeley, Colorado

Although we are based out of Fort Collins, we provide residential and commercial painting services to a host of Front Range, Northern Colorado towns and communities. If you look on our Mile High Coatings Service Area, you’ll see that we

Loveland Painters: A Tribute To Loveland’s Rich History

Loveland house Painters

In our previous post, we wrote a piece titled “Little-Known Facts About Painting And Coating”. We offered our readers some random factoids about high-quality paint, the history of painting, how much paint is sold and produced in this nation every

Little Known Facts About Painting And Epoxy Coating

Painting Facts

Mile High Coatings is a Northern Colorado painting company that, quite simply, gets the job done. That’s not a vague inanity, either, as we have real substance behind that statement. When you contact us, either by calling or filling out

Commercial Painting In Fort Collins

Commercial Painters In Fort Collins

Wherever you are in the Front Range, be it Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Greeley, Longmont, Denver, or somewhere else altogether in Northern Colorado, you should know that Mile High Coatings is an exceptional option when it comes to commercial painting.

What Does A Lifetime Warranty Mean For Exterior Painting?

Mile High Coatings paints a lot of homes every year. Undoubtedly, we frequently are asked what exactly a Lifetime Warranty means when it comes to exterior painting. Great question. It is the manufacturer, in our case, Sherwin-Williams that offers a

New Elastomeric Paint Product Holds Promise

A new elastomeric primer that has the ability to contract and expand along with wood windows offers hope. As a painting contractor in the sometimes “extreme” climate changes of Colorado, we are always looking for ways to improve our level

Wellington Fire Department Polyaspartic Floor by Mile high Coatings!

What is a polyaspartic? To begin with, polyureas are two-part systems, meaning that a resin has to be mixed with a catalyst to create the curing reaction that hardens the material, similar to an epoxy. Like epoxy coatings, these types

What Kind Of Company Is Mile High Coatings?

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are people wondering…”what is exactly is Mile High Coatings? It seems like they do a lot, but are they any good?” ​ When I first started Mile High Coatings in 2008, we were